Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

More amazing weather and l was inspired by doing Suzi'e dad's car up so detailed our car today

Where are we today ?
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      Wonderfully warm overnight, windows really open fantastic fan running and we both had a great sleep.  First thing was to fill our new coffee pot with water and perk up a full 12 cups of this liquid gold. Oh yeah , the new perk does an amazing job. I use individual packages of coffee like I used in my restaurant, always fresh and no measuring, I buy at a wholesale place here but similar bags can be purchased at Costco, Sam's Club, Tim Hortons etc.
      Then I headed down to Pettigrew's Garage for 8 am hopping to get our car looked at. Soon  as pulled in looked at the parking lot and thought not today. They are very busy there as usual. Like a good restaurant they will be busy If they do good work , and they do. No rush for the car we will try another day.
Pettigrews' this morning at 8 am
a busy place
these are the filters we use for our Perk
no coffee grounds . love them
       YesterdayI picked upper new Oil and vinegar spray that we love, spray our olive oil and vinegar from one sprayer on our salads, only available from Home Hardware in Canada and with unconditional guarantee. This is the 3rd one we have replaced,  in the 5 years we have been using them. Ad we use it every day.
when it works right we love it
oil on one half vinegar on the other
to spray on our salads
        That taken care of and nothing on the agenda today with the awesome weather. After cleaning up Suzie's Dads car yesterday I was in the mood to finally do our car. I had washed it yesterday so parked it in the shade and got to work, First cleaning all the windows inside and out, Then the Waterless wash and wax I like for the  car. It does not need a full wax job like her Dad's did . This does it all in one.
     A couple of hours later. That was done then vacuumed inside and detailed, it all, heck I have the time and a perfect day to do it in the shade.88F with very low humidity.  It has been a while. so the time was right along with the weather.
think it still looks pretty good for 17 year old car
with 500K KMs (310K miles on it)
         While I did this Suzie got to enjoy this wonderful weather outside in the shade . And you know it is nice when she is in shorts in the shade.
      When I was done I got to join her for Happy hour. Time to relax for a while and enjoy our page turners together. We even talk once in a while too!
our afternoon views here looking at the shiny car
      A bit later Hydro one pulled into to hook up the electricity at the back building that was not working.
doing what was needed then headed back out again
guess it is working now
there they go
thanks guys
a perfect day outside enjoying this weather
       Soon time to whip up supper. I made our salad while the Weber Q preheated then put a couple go chicken legs and thighs on to grill.
not long they were done to perfection
crispy on the outside and juicy inside
added to our salad ht the spot
    Gonna wrap up those posting outside  at 7:45 and still 77f.  Gonna read a bit more and call it a night whenever, we decide to go in.
     I did get a wonderful sunset last night down the road so all share it with you today.
    That was our fun busy day really enjoying this summer weather finally!
    Thanks for dropping on by.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Nice job on the car it does look good for it's age. Sunsets are gorgeous.

    1. Thanks JO it treats us well and was to to get cleaned up again, after winter in the desert.

  2. Another nice detailed car ready for the show-n-shine. You had another great day

    1. Thanks Jeff, it still cleans up pretty good.and it sure was a wonderful day.

  3. Glad that the new coffee pot works great. Neat Idea for the filters, like you say, the grounds stay fresh that way. Good job on the car, it looks great. Too bad you couldn't get it into the garage. Can't you make an appointment? Love yoursunset shots.

    1. The coffee pot is nice and the filters I have been using for years. The portions if coffee do stay fresh a long time.
      It was a perfect day to clean up the car. I sort of had an appointment but we are here for another week and retired. Dale treats us well usually on short notice, I stop in the garage every morning anyway

  4. It was a lovely day. Not so humid here and a lovely 75F. perfect.
    I'm with Contessa, why not make an appointment and get 'er done. :)
    The old car looks good all spiffed up.
    I like the idea of the coffee bags, I hated dealing with grounds for our camp perculator.

    1. It was a great day, warmer here but quite comfy in the shade. We could have had an appointment for Thursday morning(today at 8 am, but Suzie had to be in Stratford for 7:30 . No rush most of his customers are working people and he is very busy as summer approaches like every year. We here for another week anyway.
      The coffee bags and filters work great no muss no fuss.

  5. You certainly inspired me yesterday! We stopped at O Reilys and got the spray on wax..amazing and easy peasy! Got the stuff for shining up the black plastic too and it works really well! Thank you. Now today to finish up the second car haha. Can't do without those coffee filters anymore! Can't beat a lifetime warranty on that sprayer! Beautiful sunset pics!

    1. The spray on wax is so easy to use, and does a great job. And shining g the plastic makes it all look like new again.My next project will be to motorhome, though that will take a few day. Gotta love the coffee filters. And a lifetime warranty sure is nice.

  6. I love the sprayer. The Sheriff used one with just oil for the grill. Boy did that make things easier!! And no mess from spilled oil. You're killing me with all that car waxing. Now I have to go find some and wax my Jeep, which I don't think has been done since I bought it!!!

    1. We do love this spray as well, does what we want it too do, mostly for our salads, perfect.
      Waxing your jeep will keep you busy and look nice when it is all done as well.

  7. I didn't know you could get coffee filters for those coffee pots but then again I never thought about using a filter ... what a great idea!

    1. I found the filters for our perk many years ago, but became hard to find. So I searched for more and found them at Wegmans in Niagara falls NY. We go through there once a year and stock up. Or can order on line., They work wonderful no more coffee grounds in you coffee.

  8. This is the first time I have ever heard of an oil and vinegar sprayer. Love that it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

    See what you went and did? Inspired many readers to wax their cars...might even try to do that to my dad's old car that really needs it. Your car looks good!

    1. I love this sprayer works wonderful for our salads.
      Keeping our vehicles is always what I like to do. Glad they can do that as well.
      Maybe do your Dad's car as well.

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks Stew they were wonderful I do like to share.


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