Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Another wonderful day, pump out, blood work and afternoon sunshine.

Where are we today ?
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     Another very warm overnight 65 F at 5 am today and looks like another wonderful summer day maybe.  Just before heading out at 7:30 George from M and G portables arrived to pump out the sewage on our coach. All I need to do is send him an email and when  he is in the area he will drop by and can pump us out 20 bucks. A good deal for us not having to drive the coach about 20 minutes each way for a dump station. Always nice to see George as well, and chat for a bit, we met him quite a few years ago, and he knows this area very well even a lot of people we know as well as many relatives and Suzie's Uncle. Have met his Wife Marilyn as well they both read our blog.
     We could probably be here for a few more weeks, family and health issues, nice that our plans are so flexible.
heard George pull in early this morning so outside to
chat with him for a bit
not long and our sewage is empty once again
            Shortly after 8 am I headed into the clinic in New Hamburg to get my blood work done as I do once a year, (the Vampires took copious amounts blood) trying to keep on track of how I am doing. Usually results come back pretty good every year soon we will find out.
just enjoying the peaceful
and quiet here and the views
      I finished another John Sanford Novel (Virgil Flowers) and right into the next one in the series. Just because I really do love his writing and Virgils experiences.
another wonderful murder mystery that I enjoy
               Even though was only 76F, it was overcast part of the day (no rain) and a cool breeze still quite comfortable outside.Then by about 2 pm the sun finally came out and warmed up to a nice 82 F, but still a cool breeze. Checked the pool and still not warm enough for me only 72F. Maybe soon . Lets see how the solar heating and outside temps warm it up.
the pool is so inviting
John's Solar heating  does a wonderful job
just need more hot sun
        Back home for lunch then just puttered around for a while, read a bit outside them fired up our Weber Q just to cook up some more chicken that I picked up 88 cents a pound, No freezer space for it but the cooked chicken is easy to store and we do like it for lunches as well. And probably some chicken soup soon with the bones.
not long this is done and stripped the bones and skin
 for some lunches and soup
so peaceful here no traffic just few birds, bunnies,
squirrels, chipmunks and the odd racoon and skunk
gotta love the country living!
       A bit more reading and a nice quiet Happy Hour then soon time to fire up our Weber Q. Tonight gonna grill a couple of Turkey Burgers with onions and parsley we enjoy and a bit of store bought potato salad to go with it.
love these Turkey burgers
English Muffins for buns works for us
        Now here it is again about 7:30 pm temps still in the mid 70's F. gonna publish this posting and maybe catch a sunset later on, the skies look promising. If I do I will post it tomorrow no luck last night.
        Thanks once again for joining us in this amazing lifestyle that we enjoy.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. A pumping kind of a day, your tanks and your blood. Good thing you didn't get the two mixed up! :cD

    1. Yes it is s good thinly did not get those things mixed up.

  2. That makes it so much easier when you don't have to move your RV.
    Nice that we are all finally getting Summer weather.
    Food looks good.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the country sounds.

    It's about time.

    1. We don't mind moving the coach a pretty simple process, but is cost effective to have him come here. Enjoying this summer weather for sure and good food as well.

  3. That is a most reasonable price to pay for a pump put. I'm sure that you will be in that pool within a week.

    1. We think it is a reasonable price to pay as well. And yes will soon be dipping in the pool again.

  4. I like the picture of your rig parked with all that greener around.

  5. I bet it is nice not to have to move the rig dump. Looks like your Q is getting a workout, is the time for grilling!

    1. It is nice that the dump station comes to us with nothing close by. We do love our Weber Q does and awesome job.

  6. $20.00 for a pump out that's awesome! It is nice that your plans are flexible and you can be where you are needed. That pool looks so inviting! Of course your dinner looks so yummy!

    1. This works great for us staying here as long as we want , And are very flexible in our lifestyle.
      The pool is on my list of things to do today. Dinner was wonderful thanks.

  7. That is an excellent price for a pump out. In Terlingua, Texas my friends with rigs pay $30.00 for that service.

    Everything looks so green, calm and quiet.

    1. We think his price is very reasonable nice that he cn come right to us.
      It is such and beautiful spot here.

  8. Great the pump out service is available to you! The pool sure looks inviting! Hope to do a little swimming at our son's when we move to central Kansas in a few days.

    1. The pump it a great service that allows us to stay here longer. The pool is wonderful we really enjoy the option of iy here.


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