Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Doctor appointments, lawn mowing and some amazing warm weather.

Where are we today ?
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    We did get a bit more rain last night and very mild again, 60F at 6 am today, but an overcast  sky to start the day. I did get my first mile walkabout town at 7:30 then back home again. At  8:30 Suzie and I headed into Stratford for a follow up visit with our doctor, all is still good. Then we stopped at Walmart, Beer Store, Liquor store, Staples and Canadian tire to top up the car and our gas can for the mower here. Only $1.11 a litre a pretty good price. Then back home before 11 am a light lunch then I hopped on the mower to finish mowing the yard here, The 5 acres here is looking very nice once again and I had fun for a couple of hours running around here in  the hot sun. Finally some wonderful summer like weather 81F (27C) at 2:20 pm. Gotta love it!
love running the mower around the yard here
looking better now is cut
nothing like being here in the country
the rear yard is done
and down to the front as well
       Back home just after 2 pm thought it was hot here, and yes it was! 81 f in the shade now this is more like it!
ok now we have great weather
        While I was doing this Suzie went over to SIL Sandy's to put together the 10  genealogy books she has updated and printed. 176 pages for each book. These will be available for sale at the Stere reunion this coming Sunday.
     Now to relax in the shade enjoyed my page turner , now that I am caught up with the yard work here.
a perfect way to wind down the day
our views  with the fresh mowed lawn
      Plus the bonus a few robins invading our territory, nice to see them. Did see some blue jays and cardinals but did not get any pictures.
behind us the willows look nice
 with the fresh mowed lawn
    Suzie home by 3 pm in time to enjoy Happy hour with me, Chatted bit about our day and soon time to whip up supper. Suzie's choice today was she wanted a pizza. So because we had a busy day we picked up one at the Walmart in Stratford. Not a problem. quick and easy. 4 meat pizza , and I added more toppings that we like, Mushroom. onions, chicken, olives my halve, tomatoes, and more cheese. Into the oven and done very nicely, did the trick tonight, and of course some leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
this was wonderful
we had a great meal, no complaints here
other than some salsa I put on that was a
 bit too spicy for Suzie but she did manage
I did a drive down the road a bit later
and caught an early sunset here
        Just another day enjoying these sunny warmer days and keeping ourselves busy as we always do.
         Glad that y'all dropped on by and really hope you had great day as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Good to hear all you Dr. visits are good one. Boy that pizza looks so good

    1. Always like good news and a tasty pizza hit the spot.

  2. Good news from the docs! The lawn looks great, but then so does the pizza - you kicked it up nicely!

    1. Thanks Jeff it was a good day all the way around.

  3. You did a great job on the yard, wish I had a friend like you :-(

    Suzie is quite serious about her geneology I did not know she had written so many books. As usually your dinner looks delicious.

    1. Thanks MsB mowing the yard is the least I can do for being able yo camp here She spent a few years researching all the information for the family.And putting these documents together.

  4. Bev likes to buy premade pizzas then do as you did and add many more toppings.

    1. There is some pretty good ones available now and you can customize it just the way you like it for a good price.

  5. Sounds like a great day there too. More like that one, on the way. :)

    1. It was pretty perfect day and like you said more to come .


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