Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, May 04, 2019

A nice warm spring day and celebration of life for a good friends mother.

Where are we today ?
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         So quiet here and we both enjoyed a very good sleep once again. Our morning coffees and computing done, the view out our dining room window is so relaxing. No close neighbours just a few houses in the distance, acres of green grass and the bushes across the road behind us.
the morning view out our dining room window
love it  !
   Took  couple of pictures of some nice older homes here in town. Watching  them being fixed up over the last 30 plus years.
in 1982 this was the haunted house hidden in the bush
now a beautiful home
they added a nice porch here a few years ago
this place is amazing inside used to clean it
back in 80's
      Then back down river road to home. so quiet here , just hear the doves and a few birds.
            Just after 7 am I took a nice walkabout around a few blocks here in Plattsville temperature 52F  (11C) no wind and overcast, first mile in  (2.5 miles today done), then a nice country drive to New Hamburg (while it was raining) 10 minutes away for a few needed supplies then back home to putter around in the yard for a while cleaning up some branches small tree limbs. Then I walked back to check out the lawn mower. Battery dead so got the charger from John and hooked it up, maybe get it going and mow some lawn in the next few days if it dries up a bit more. Now a comfortable 62F (16C) no rain and still overcast.
Grain elevators on the way to New Hamburg 
        Then at 1 pm we headed into Glendinning Funeral home in town for the celebration of Life for  Marc's Mother (Lety).  We have met her a many times over the years, what a wonderful lady she was. We have known Marc for over 30 years, (our daughters figure skated together) we were in the Local Optimist club here and I worked with him at Egar Tool and die for 6 years driving lift truck. and the last couple of years was the health and safety co-ordiantor, wrote up policies and procedures for Workers Compensation to pass an audit, and did lift truck, crane, as well as whims training. Before we went full-time back in 2006. The Celebration of life for Marc's mother was well attended, and like usual at these functions we ran into quite few friends we have not seen for many years. Sad that we have to meet like this but always nice to see these people again.
   Back home here to Camp Awesome we enjoy a comfortable afternoon reading outside still 62 F and no wind, although a bit of sunshine here and there. Nice to be able to enjoy this fresh country air., and quiet country setting.We enjoyed a quiet Happy hour then soon time to whip up supper.
this was huge willow tree behind us
that came down last year.
        Our wonderful  warm  afternoon reading outside . This is the view we have to deal with, yup  we can handle this for sure.
        Supper tonight I will grill a couple of bone in chicken breasts on our Weber Q to go with our salad.
about 40 minutes done to perfection
added to our salad and some hot sauce for me
we had a good feed
      Now supper done, dishes done we can enjoy some more warm outside weather here it is after 7 pm finishing this posting and going to read a bit more. just because we can.
     Again no visible sunset but heck it sure was a great day to play outside.
     Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed your spring day as well wherever you are.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. All that expanse of green grass looks great, don't get to see a lot of that here. Do the grands have a favorite in the Stanley Cup?

    1. Yes Jeff it is nice and will soon need to be cut. I din't here from the much about the playoffs but last I heard it was the Maple Leafs.

  2. That grass is so beautiful. Don't know where your from Jeff but we don't have it here either.

    1. Yes JO it sure is takes a lot of upkeep though. Jeff is from San Diego.

  3. Some things are just 'the right thing to do' and going to the visitations and/or Life celebrations is on that list.
    Soon you'll be cutting grass. Ours is greening up too and Bill's mower is ready.

    1. Yes they are a good thing to do. we have another one today as well.
      Hopefully can get some of it cut before we leave.

  4. It is always sad to say good bye to friends for the last time but they will live in in our memories.
    Nice that things are greening up.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your chores.

    It's about time.

    1. It is sad but we find it necessary, so many memories. Things are really growing now.

  5. I love the old homes! Imagine if they could talk! Those visitations/ Celebration of Life are so difficult it's nice that meeting up with old friends seems to make it better. Your chicken looks totally delicious! Getting that mower ready, and soon you'll be cutting away :)

    1. These homes are wonderful, The Haunted house did reveal a lot of secrets to me 37 years ago and was so enlightening. The visitations are hard but meeting up with olde friends takes the edge off. Chicken was wonderful. I do hope tp mow some lawn before we leave here it is growing like crazy.

  6. I can not believe how green everything is. Those old home are lovely.

    1. The grass is growing like crazy here now. Love these mild homes around town here as well. We have been inside most of them.


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