Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sunshine and warmer weather all day was wonderful.

Where are we today ?
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      A pretty mild night great for sleeping again, 48 F (8C) at 5 am and next to no wind. Got my oatmeal and coffees consumed and as the sun came up enjoyed my first walkabout the campground so peaceful and 1 mile done. Loving these blue sunny skies once again gonna be an awesome day.
this is going to be a wonderful day
and it was
on my walkabout was very nice
looking good
            A bit of puttering and when Suzie had the laundry sorted I headed to laundry mat around the corner at 9:30, Let the machines do their magic while I enjoy reading. Back home by 11 am for a light tasty lunch. What a beauty of a day 58F already and still clear blue sunny skies
      I puttered around a bit more after lunch for a while, fixed my carry on suitcase that broke when we were in our cruise last fall,
I fixed it now stands up without falling over
not pretty but it works for less than 2 bucks
          Then it got really warm out, we have spot out for the wind , and was nice enough to enjoy this weather and even put my shorts on and no socks. Temps into the high 60s and out of the wind this sunshine is what were have been waiting for.
looking at the trees the leaves are really coming out now
any day now full leaves
so nice to enjoy the warming sunshine
      Then I made up a meat loaf with ground turkey to cook on our Weber Q. I use this trivet below covered in foil too cook it evenly.
my trivet
my spot in the sun and out of the wind
too hot for Suzie, she in the shade
       Just after 3 pm Gerry came by following Tucker for Happy hour. Tucker was right onto Suzie.
Tucker on his chair
he loves his chair and Suzie too
then sitting on Gerry's lap
     A few minutes later Monique and Emile arrived to join us.
     Then Paul, Judy, and Melinda dropped by after she finished work. And even Ron dropped by to chat as well on his way to the pool for a swim. We had a lots of fun chatting and sharing stories and tips and telling lies, you know the routine.
Melinda done work and stopped by in her cart
       Just after 4:30 I put our Turkey Meatloaf on the Weber Q for about an hour to be done to perfection.    
This cooked up nicely and was moist and tender
       Added to our salad we both enjoyed this meatloaf and of course lotsa leftovers for lunches and meatloaf sandwiches.
sure did the trick today
           After supper and dishes we enjoy more outside nice weather in the afternoon sun, Chatted 1with a fellow camper we have known for years (Peter) read for a while, finished this posting and caught and early interesting sunset. 
an early colourful sunset
       Shortly after 8 pm we headed on inside, getting chilly out here. Relaxed for the rest of the evening and called it a night.
        Thanks for dropping on by today and really hope you had an excellent spring day as well .
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Spring finally showed up here as well but we were too busy to enjoy it.
    Glad you had time to get some visiting in.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It was a wonderful day and we enjoyed every minute of it too. We always enjoy visiting with our friends.

  2. It was a lovely day. I had lots going on but it was sure nice to see the sun. That warm and Suzie is bundled up in a hoody and her winter coat? Suzie!!! hahaha
    Glad you had a nice day!

    1. Ir sure was a wonderful day, Suzie sat in the shade where it was cool, I enjoyed the warm sunshine that felt so good.
      Gotta be almost 80f before she takes her warm clothes off. to something cooler.

  3. Tucker sure knows where he is appreciated! Spring looks great in your corner, I'm sure it will continue to improve and you'll soon be mowing that grass!

    1. Tucker does enjoy coming here and hanging out with Suzie. Spring has sprung nicely. Jeff I have already mowed the lawn last week when you where in Mexico.

  4. Very ingenious the way you found an inexpensive solution to fix your carry on suitcase. Tucker is a sweety and knows Suzie is going to love on him. You certainly had a good turn out for Happy Hour today.

    1. It needed an extra leg to hold it up and this works for me, Tucker is a sweetie and loves to visit Suzie. We always here for Happy hour everyone is welcome to join us.

  5. Good choice on your suitcase fix. Not many ways to fix that easily but that should work.

    1. It seems to work pretty good and was an easy fix, Stronger than the original equipment.

  6. Happy hour is starting to grow that always makes it fun. Nice fix on the suitcase and the meat loaf looks good.

    1. Warmer weather brings people out, always nice to share stories with friends too. Can use the suitcase now, . yes the meatloaf was very tasty.

  7. Tucker is such a lap pup!! Okay, I'll admit that's a great idea for the suitcase. I probably would have thrown it away.

    1. Yes he sure is loves people.
      This suitcase only gets used not very often could be years then all of a sudden I need it, At least it is still usable and an easy fix. If need be I can buy another if we think it necessary.

  8. Great Happy Hour and! Ken also thought your suitcase fix was very clever! Nice that Tucker came to visit..he's so cute! Guess what's for dinner at our house tonight?! Ken saw your meatloaf pic and thought it looked so good that's what he wants! LOL>..

    1. It was a wonderful Happy Hours and great weather. Tucker is a sweetie.
      Love the meatloaf and am sure he will enjoy it as well.


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