Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Two busy days, Saturday and Sunday fun.

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario
        Saturday is a busy day for us again. This morning we start off with grandson number 4 playing hockey at the arena in town, younger kids 7-8 years old. Another fun game to watch and he scored his first goal this season. You should have seen the look on his face, we were all so proud of him. but alas his team was defeated 6-3 but they all had fun.
this young lady is on his team a very good player as well
         Shortly after his game we headed out to visit daughter number one in Aurora a 90 minute drive, and a bonus today, no traffic delays on the 401 and 400 highways through Toronto and north.
         Just off the 400 nice scenic back roads to the city enjoying the rolling hills and fall colors.
         We arrived shortly afternoon with three excited grandchildren greeting us. And of course our only grand daughter (no number yet) has to show us a few things she can do. Climbing up the doorframe bare hands a feet, (can you do that?)
such a monkey she is
look Grandad no hands!
        Then we were surprised to see this friendly dog there. Not theirs they were dog sitting, but Suzie got another doggie fix. He is such a wonderful dog, no barking, no jumping, does not bother with the food on the counters and walks without a leash AND he is only 4 months old! Where do you find dogs like this?
This is Baxter
        We gave her a slightly belated birthday card (she is 5 now) and was so excited that we gave her money. Now Mom can take her shopping (she loves to shop for clothes).
        Then to the back yard to show me how high she go on the swing all by herself.
so full of energy
        Then we chatted with daughter number one, my only son (no number) and grandson number three. As we nibbled on a few snacks.
         Then Dad (me) was volunteered to grill two chickens on their huge Weber gas grill. Not used to such a large grill but it worked out real well, of course its a Weber.
just over a hour, indirect heat and done to perfection
grandson 2 and 3 playing video games
          Now time to eat , the three of them at the kitchen table doing what kids do with their food and us 5 adults in the dining room. Just chatting catching up and all that stuff, our conversation just flows, it's been a while since we have been all together just us.
awesome supper, chicken, roasted potatoes,
 brocoli and a yummy salad
then a small piece of pumpkin pie with fresh
whipped cream, and expresso, perfect
         We had planned on leaving early but before we knew it was after 8 o'clock so time to hit the road arriving back home just before 10 pm way late for us, so no blogging last night.
         Today were thinking we will have a quiet day and just get a few things done for ourselves here. So first thing I was at garage in town chatting with a few guys have not seen for a while, was there quite a while. Home by 11 and was just whipping up a quick bite for lunch when we got a last minute invite from sister in law for lunch at noon. She had lotsa food, ham, scalloped potatoes etc... So I put the brakes on our lunch and whipped a large salad for 8 of us and were there for yet another feast.
we took the salad
            So another get together with the bunch of us for yet another feast of very tasty food.
Sam did an awesome job with the huge ham, 
scalloped potatoes, veggies and pies.
so tasty and nice family visit.
and a yummy pumpkin pie with butterscotch ice cream
         The family visits are great and food awesome, but all this great food is not quite fitting in with our new eating habits. We do eat a smaller portions and enjoy it. Can we say no? hmm thats a tough one.
           I had a nice visit though a bit short, but had some things that I need to get done on the sunny but cool fall day. So left Suzie there with her family and took off. Have to take advantage to this weather while its here.  So a quick stop at the in and out store in New Hamburg, and back to camp awesome.
loving the fall colors
           Once home I got changed, fired up our generator to exercise it and warm it up. Fired up the mower and got about 35 minutes of lawn mowing before the deck quit. At least I got done what needed to be done.
            Then with the genny all warmed up I changed the oil and installed a new oil filter, ready for another winter south on the road, I almost forgot to do that like I did last year.
             Dragged the hose out and topped up out fresh water tank just in time for Suzie to be dropped off here back at home about 5 pm. Cooling down now so time to wrap things up anyway.
             So there that was our weekend, maybe not exciting for you but sure kept us busy, just a few more days and social functions then we are on the road again. More visiting and social activities along the way. Beginning our 9th year on the road fulltime and never a dull moment for us. Some people think we would be bored, but has not happened yet and we don't even have time to watch tv, except on very rare occasions. Life is what you make it and ours is awesome!  If nothing else this blog is here to remind us what we have done and where we have been over the years.
          Thanks again for stopping by and hope you had and enjoyable weekend too.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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  1. Great attitude, you two! I think you really do belong to an eating club (full time) and you RV full time too. Not a bad combo.

    1. We do love our food and visiting, but do much better on our own I have lost 35 lbs this summer and feel awesome, staying away from most of these great food things.

  2. Y'all just crack me up... talking about your kids and grandkids by the the number. I always tell my son he's my favorite son... (I also have a daughter and 2 stepdaughters so I can do that)... but I think one of the reasons I like your blog so much is you DO talk about your family, your books, your cooking... your everyday life. You are so much "normal" (okay... we all know various criteria for THAT)... but whatever... just another good read today. Love it!

    1. Thanks Sharon, the numbers for the kids I think are best for privacy issues.
      We are fulltime Rv'ers but does not mean we cannot live an everyday life, don't need to travel and sightsee everyday.
      We sure do love the lifestyle. Heading south in only 4 more days and we will do more of the same in different places.

  3. I can just see grandson #4's smile from ear to ear. HAHAHA...not sure I have ever seen anyone climb a door jam like she did.

    How many days do you celebrate Thanksgiving? lol

    1. Yes he was one happy boy thats for sure.
      Don't think I have every seen that done either.
      Every day we can get together with family for a meal is fun social time, we will be gone for 6 months or more now. Its nice that all our family lives in the same area.
      Then in November we can celebrate Thanksgiving again in the south.

  4. Your granddaughter (no number yet) sure is a cutie. I don't I could climb a door frame even when I was a kid !!

    You're Blogs always make me hungry !! And I've just eaten !! LOL

    1. She is sure a real doll and a character too.
      As you know food, and appetite is a visual thing along with the smell that makes us hungry. That's why all these billboards with pictures of food on them , make you hungry for that item so you eat there , spend your money.
      Also gives people ideas of what to make for a meal as well.

  5. It's always nice to spend the time with family but especially when you won't be seeing them for a while.
    Now you are really giving us a bad case of Hitchitch but we'll just have to wait to scratch it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We enjoy are time here with everyone, then enjoy the warm winter months as well.

  6. You sure did keep busy. It's great that the grandkids were entertaining you.

    1. All 5 on them can sure keep us busy thats for sure.

  7. I guess you have lots of visiting to get in before you leave. The granddaughter sure has talent.

    1. Lots of last minute visits to wrap up.
      She sure has the energy thats for sure.


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