Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, February 15, 2019

Friday fun, visiting friends saying see ya later, Happy hour chats and a tasty burger night here in the park.

Where are we today ? 
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        Well the rain finally stopped overnight and we both had a wonderful sleep again. Up early as usual and as the sun was rising I got out for my first walkabout of the day. Around the park my first mile of the day. And enjoyed a nice colourful sunrise.
love these desert sunrises we can still enjoy here
      Then at 7:45 Suzie had the laundry sorted and I headed to the laundry here in the park, Got our 2 loads washed, dried and folded back home by 9:30 for Suzie to put away, nice to get that done early in the day.
while I was gone she too ka pic of this guy
overhead with her phone
    When I came out of the laundromat spotted this interesting vehicle drive by and managed to get a couple of pictures of it ,a very nice couple from New Brunswick a  Canadian made vehicle similar to a jeep. They were heading to Mexico for his glasses so did not  get a chance to chat much longer.
a very cool vehicle
this would sure be a fun ride
         A bit later a light lunch, another walkabout  and enjoying a nice sunny day. temperature warming up nicely. Then I took  a ride around the area back to the free 14 day area and spotted our good friends, Ken and Shirley packing up to head on out. Had to stop and say hi , see ya later guys. Then Tom and  Deb next to them came out for some huges as well.
Ken and Shirley
Ken, Shirley, Tom and Deb
       They were getting ready to head on out to new places again, we did spend some fun times with them in Quartzsite and hope to hook up with them again next year again.
      Now back home to enjoy a very nice sunny afternoon at 70 F quite comfortable out of the wind. we both got into our page turners again. I finished another John Sandford and immediately started the next one nm this series. Really do love his books.
       As Tom and Deb drove but the campground blew their air horn and waved as they headed on down the road again,
another page turner
we had some nice warm sunshine for a while
     Then another walkabout for me almost too hot except for the cool wind, But heck no complaints here at all.
a nice area but the Laundry
the shuffle board fence has been removed
wide open now, love it!
      Back home we had Loree, Ron and Freddie stop by for a chat.
Freddie loves Suzie
Ron riding his bike with Freddie
look what Freddie did to Ron's seat on his bike
he is a wonderful dog no matter what Ron says
     They joined us for Happy Hour then Rob and Bill dropped in to say Hi.
      Ended up they joined us with Ken, Kim, Pat , Patsy, Bill, Rob and Pat. Now we have 10 of us here from Ontario and all Rock Glen resort  members. our home park. Such a small world once again!
here we all are 70 f but a cool north wind
this picture has me to the right next to Suzie
     As they were heading home noticed these guys in their parachutes landing right across the interstate, they know what they are doing , I hope.
      Now tonight is Burger night here in the park, so at 5 pm the 6 of us here went for  this treat, only 5 bucks a person burgers with the fixings, plus desert. a nice tasty treat and no dinner to make. Plus more social fun with our friends.
Suzie and I both enjoyed a
grilled chicken breast on a bun
     Back home by 6 pm no visible sunset tonight and still a cool breeze, so we headed inside to call it a night after another fun desert day with good friends.
     Thanks for dropping in and I just know y'all had a great winter day as well, no matter where you are.
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  1. Another nice gathering of good friends.

  2. You always manage to have a great time wherever you are.

  3. You had your own community there! Everybody loves Suzie, not just Freddie.

    1. Not sure where they all came from, they just appeared. Yes they do Love Suzie too.

  4. Yikes .... parachuting is NOT on my bucket list. What if they land on cactus????

    1. Not on my list either, a cactus would nit be nice or even the Interstate that was right there.

  5. I think parachuting would be a hoot if you knew what you were doing. Imagine the view!! Looks like a reunion for happy hour. Glad you folks all had a great time. I was trying to guess what dessert was but couldn't. Dinner looked good even though your burger had hot sauce splashed all over it. Haha

    1. No parachuting for me that's for sure. We did have another fun Happy Hour I think the desert was a red velvet bunt cake.
      Well for me the hot sauce really does it.

  6. Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane does not appeal to be either. Another great Happy Hour gathering, a chance to stay in touch with friends.

    1. Not jumping out of a plane for this guys either. It was a surprise happy hour gathering and always fun.

  7. Nice that you have developed so many friendships over the years.

    1. Yes Larry it is nice and we keep running into each other.

  8. Tom thought he saw you waving as we went by and blew the horn.
    I am still catching up even with my reading. Really enjoyed your pictures from Borrego Springs and sounds like you two had a nice quite time there. Now it sounds like you two are having a nice time visiting with friends. Variety in life is always nice.

    1. Yes we did wave when you drive by glad we caught you heading on out.We do the love Borrego Springs area vine after so many years here , We di love the quiet times as well as the happy Hours, Yes variety is the spice of life.


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