Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, February 22, 2019

Sunny day a bit warmer, and visiting with good friends.

Where are we today ?
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      After a drizzly day yesterday that we enjoyed for a change the weather is soon warming up. We did have some rain overnight as noticed by the puddles around the park, never heard it overnight though, Less wind today and sunny blue skies after a cloudy start. First thing was quick trip to Yuma for a few needed supplies and back home before 9 am, before the stores get busy.
sunrise in the  way to Yuma
      Puttered around for a while, had a long hot shower then emptied our sewage tanks. Time for a light tasty lunch then enjoy some reading outside enjoying the warm sun out of the cool breeze. I finished John Sandford's Naked Prey another of his page turners and dove right into the next one I have in his series Broken Prey.
another action filled page turner
enjoying these fluffy clouds 
        At 12.30 we headed into Yuma to visit good friends Denis and Sandie we have known for many years. They stopped in for a visit with us in Quartzsite last month. Invited us for a visit here to check out their new home. They had sold their huge class A coach (Mothership) after over 10 years full-time. Purchased this home here and a smaller class B rv (Escape pod) for the times they want to tour.
this be their new home
love it the escape pod to the right of the carport
    They gave us the whole tour, 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms huge open kitchen living room area. A very nice base home for them, and in such a quiet area as well.
Denis, Sandy and Suzie
and a monster Tv  perfect
love the kitchen
     We chatted for quite a while telling stories and catching up with each others lives. Then a nice tour of the outside areas as well.
a very nice shed and work shop
a nice setup
      Then a tour of their Sauna, wow! This is amazing.
this be the sauna
very comfy inside
the heater they set at 190F perfect
what a great place to relax and warm up
outside shower right here too.
          We got home shortly after 3:30 pm relaxed outside in the sun out of the wind read a bit more  a quiet Happy hour. Soon time to whip supper. Tonight a Rib eye steak I picked up on sale this morning at Del Sol in Yuma, with a baked potato, fresh asparagus with mushrooms and onions.
love this steak sauce I got in New Orleans last fall
now clear blue sunny skies
        On our Weber Q baked the potatoes for about an hour then added the mushrooms and onions, The steaks for a few minutes until done to perfection, then grilled the asparagus so just warm and crunchy.
not long we had a tasty steak dinner
another rare treat for us
yup this sure did the trick tonight
       What a fun day visiting with good friends enjoy some great Arizona sunshine and a tasty steak dinner, ending with a wonderful desert sunset. Think we could not do much better than this.
a  nice sunset to wind ups a great day
     That was it. Thanks for dropping on by and hope y; all had a great day too/
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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Your had some great weather there. Your friends have a lovely cozy home and wow what a neat sauna

    1. It was a pretty decent day, no complaints it will soon get even better, It is a very nice sauna.

  2. Love your friends new home and the fact that they have not given up on still going on the road.

    Like Dizzy mentioned on your last post, I have got to stop reading you when I am hungry but I do not seem to learn my lesson. Your dinner looks absolutely delicious!

    1. It is a very nice house and they plan to spent a few months on the road every summer.
      LOL dinner was very tasty thanks.

  3. What a GREAT house ... and a sauna to boot! I could go for that!!

    1. The perfect house for when they get older and want to settle down. The sauna is a real bonus too.

  4. D & S have a nice home for sure. As we age, things change.
    Looks like a great day and the weather not too bad. Warmer days ahead!

    1. It is a wonderful home and they are preparing for when they get old, they are actually much younger than us, but have been full-time even longer than we have.
      Yes warmer days ahead.

  5. What a beautiful home Denis and Sandie bought. Nice workshop Ken says! I love the island in the kitchen! Oh George, your dinner looks amazing! Better than going out for a steak for sure!

    1. It is a very nice home open concept. love the workshop too..
      T patsy steak dinner done to our liking and cost less than 6 buck for the 2 of us.

  6. That is one fine looking meal.

  7. You always have an early start in the morning. Looks like you are at the stores when they open up. I guess a park model is one way of moving on before hanging up the keys to the motorhome for some. Maybe when it gets too hot in the summer your friends can come visit you in Canada.

    1. I do love the early mornings and hit the stores before they get busy,
      They have relatives in Quebec a Vermont and plane to head that way for the summer months. A good chance they will drop by for a visit.

  8. Nice visit, loved the little sauna. Very cute little house.
    I enjoy John Sanford too, he's written some pretty good stuff.
    Keep on having fun!!

    1. It was a very nice visit to spend time with them again. A wonderful new home for them and the sauna that they use pretty well every day. I have been enjoying his books always a good read.

  9. I thought you weren't supposed to wear clothes in a sauna. :c)

    1. Not when it is turned, sorry can't show those pictures


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