Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, February 25, 2019

Awesome hot weather, fun in Mexico, a more shrimp in our freezer

Where are we today ? 
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      Mild again last night for another great sleep. Computing and coffees taken care of yet another awesome sunrise again.  Carbo copy almost of yesterday. After a couple of nice walkabouts we headed down to Algodones Mexico our last trip here for some more fresh shrimp from Rocky Point.
another wonderful desert sunrise
this would be a very nice campsite
       Shortly after 9 am we mad the 5 minute drive to Algodones Mexico  just because we could and son close to us.
heading into Mexico
yes a touristy place but we have fun here
here we are
we will visit here on our way out of Mexico
       We decided to wanted through some of the familiar vendors we know, nothing we need or want but always fun to carry on with these guys. And look ya never know!
        The we have to check out the Snowbird Alley to watch the painters for a while.
these guys are amazing
     Then just around the corner a nice small restaurant we thought maybe a tasty Mexican breakfast. So that is what we did.
Poncho playing some very nice music here
a nice quiet place for a tasty breakfast
a very nice place for reasonable tasty food
the menus we like
nachos and chips to start
some nice hot sauces for me
breakfast Burrito for Suzie
for me Chorizo, eggs, refined beans, salad and flower tortillas
   We enjoyed a very tasty breakfast only 4 bucks each and more than we could eat.
     From here across the street and pick up 2 lbs on fresh very large shrimp from Rocky Point Mexico, This shrimp we always love and stock up when when we can.
picked up 2 lbs here 10 bucks a pound
for amazing shrimp
huge prawns on the left, we prefer the smaller large shrimp on the right
      From here we mad our way back to the border crossing at 10:30 later than planned but we had a tasty breakfast that we loved.
getting busy here now time to go home
line up for customs 30 minutes
nit bad we have been in line much longer
this hummer is ?
cleaned our fresh shrimp and packaged to freeze,
15 shrimp per pound 3 hearty meals we will enjoy
        We got back home just after 11 am and getting pretty hot yahoo! Then I made a quick tip to Yuma for a few more supplies before we hit the road on Wednesday morning.
        By 1 pm back home it was 80F and sunny with next to no wind this is the weather we do enjoy here at this time of year just a little late coming.
nice that we have this tree here  for some shade
this intense sun is way too hot
          At 3 pm Kim and Ken came by for Happy Hour and shortly after Ron and Loree joined us.  This very nice chair here has from Margarita Ville caused him a problem yesterday . Looks like he  needs to go on a diet maybe? 155 lbs too heavy for this chair?? Maybe now  a porta potty???
hey he is still walking so he did survive
        Our Happy hour today with Kim.Ken , Ron and Loree ( her back is slowly getting better)
conversation flowed as usual,
saying se ya laters to Kim and Ken
they heading out in the morning
     Then time to whip up supper , Freddy dropped by to give Suzie a doggie fix and she chatted with Ron for a bit.
      I put the fish on the grill  5 minutes a side to go with our salad, as the sun was setting and a bice sunset it was.
fish done and lemon juicy on the grill
yup it was excellent as usual
     Just another fun desert day and enjoy our trip to Mexico.
      Thanks for dropping by today.

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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Glad you made it to the fun side of the wall for a while!

    1. Yes we did all enjoy that side of the wall, though we do have fun here as well.

  2. Yes the weather is improving but that just means it will be getting way to hot Can't win sometimes.

    1. It is improving and I never complain about the heat.

  3. We were on the 'Fun Side of the Wall' today too. In TJ for a dental visit. A mediocre tortilla soup for lunch, maybe the shrimp taco/tostada/chiviche would have been a better choice. Enjoy the shrimp!
    How are the wildflowers there? Ocotillo Wells is enjoying an great winter bloom.

    1. Always is fun to so to the other side of the wall. We always enjoy the shrimp will be good for a while now. Have not noticed any wildflowers around here at all yet.
      Maybe Al and Kelly will enjoy then there at Ocotillo Wells before they leave.

  4. What a fun morning for sure. Always looks interesting there in Mexico. I would assume the prices are in US dollars?
    You folks are much warmer than we are here in Saddle Mountain. Made it to about 65F today but it's getting nicer each day. Enjoy your last day in Pilot Knob.

    1. It was a fun morning always enjoy going there and looking around, Yes US dollars work here. It was quite warm here especially in the intense sun. Now to continue our slow journey home, in search of more warm weather.

  5. I have heard so many great things about Algodones, Mexicali-Baja California...certainly on my bucket list.

    However, I had never heard about their shrimp...goes to show one can learn something new every day.

    1. Lots of good deals to be had here, dentists, eyeglasses, prescriptions plus lots of stuff that sometime you just can't do without. The shrimp are excellent from Rocky Point (sea of Cortez).

  6. I sure do miss me some shrimp from Rocky Point...

  7. I'll have to find your Rocky Point seller. The shrimp look wonderful!! It's always fun to roam the streets of Algodones.

    1. There is usually 3 or 4 shrimp sellers on different corners to choose from, we do love these shrimp.

  8. What a way to start the day with that beautiful sunrise! A great looking breakfast in Mexico too. Then a fun happy hour with friends...does it get any better!? Enjoy your last day there!

    1. Thanks It was a wonderful day all the way around, we have that itch again time to get back on the road.

  9. They sure do have some good shrimp down there. We have had the shrimp tacos at that café you had breakfast at, they were awesome!

    1. Love the shrimp we can get there, have enjoyed their shrimp and fish Tacos before, But for a change the chorizo made a very tasty and filling breakfast.

  10. Nothing shrimpy about those shrimp! :cD

  11. We were in Algodones on Sunday and it was great, no hoards of people ... and we walked right through the border at 2:00 p.m.

  12. So you leave your vehicle in the US side and walk across? Is it a short walk? Do Canadians have to show their passports when they re-enter the country?

    1. Yes we just park it and walk across only a 3 minute walk. Everyone has to show a passport when re entering the USA.

  13. Great looking shrimp for a good price.


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