Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, February 11, 2019

Another wonderful desert day, plans changed and some memories.

Where are we today ?
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      A good nights sleep but windy again overnight but nice and mild in the mid 40's F  and 48 F at 5 am when I got up. The wind bothered Suzie after I went to sleep so she pulled in the slide,  and even went outside to put our Weber Q on the ground.Then she slept well.
      Anothe wonderful desert sunrise this morning what a great way to start our day.
another nice desert sunrise
         About 8 am (Arizona time, 7 am California time) I took a drive around the area and into town. Just because I could and wanted to take a tour.
heading into town
      I stop by the State park  and enjoyed a nice walkabout here. Supposed to be a fee during the week self serve. I am not paying a fee for a 15 minute visit sorry guys.
State Park Visitor Centre
nice desert gardens here
vistor centre below
view towards the campground
interesting stone faced guy in the garden
 an Alien maybe?
love the signs they have here
this be the pay station for the visitor centre
      Back home a walk about the desert for a bit and spotted this lone desert flower.
love the desert flowers
my walkabout heading home
this be home dirt so quiet here
     Just before lunch I took my fresh Chorizo and made 6 burgers to freeze , for some tasty burgers on down the road,
into the freezer to store
      After  tasty lunch I took another drive around the area, down Henderson Canyon road , love this drive past the palm trees and Orange groves.
      Got to the end and guess what? The fruit stand is now open !Ya hoo. They have fresh ruby red Grapefruits and tangelo oranges that we love.  Ok finally they are  harvested so picked up a nice 3 pound bag of these wonderful oranges, self serve only 3 bucks, we are in heaven !
good price on oranges and grapefruit 
we good for a while now
this be the place
    From here into the Visitor Centre to check them out, I can fill our water jug and they have a key for trash and a recycle bin as well. Nice friendly people here too.
vistor center 
        And a couple of sculptures here as well.
     Heading back to home dirt, , what an amazing day, have been in my shorts since 10 am it is that nice here.
love the palm trees here by the golf course
     Back home  to enjoy this amazing winter weather. Awning deployed so Suzie can read here I pad in the shade, (does not work well in the sun). She has a jacket and hoody on in the shade and I am in shorts and sandals in the sun . In the desert you need to be in the sun to keep warm shade here is very cold.
my desert view this afternoon
      We enjoyed hoary hour, discussing our adventures then soon time to whip up supper, Tonight gonna grill the chicken  I picked up yesterday, a good day for it. The sun is beginning to set.
chicken done to perfection and some acorn squash on the side
to go with our salad
tasty? yup and leftovers for lunches and soup
after dishes done the sun had set
      We had a plan to take a drive up the Julian for a piece of pie. But we have done that trip a few times in the past and enjoyed the scenery but neither one of us could get too excited about that long drive for a piece of expensive pie (oh it is good pie). So just decided we could hang out here and relax. Just enjoy hanging out right here with my honey. But we have a couple pictures of the Julian Pie Company from 2 years ago.
This is the place
we did enjoy the Caramel Apple pie with ice cream
        Now it was 5 years ago we explored and found the Big Stone snake on this day Feb 11, 2016 after climbing the steep hill off of Rock house road. Suzie did not make it all the way to the top, But I got over there and saw it in person, she did not want me to hike it alone. We did not go back again but do have this memory.
Hey I spotted it
and there it is another wonderful desert sighting
        This picture below is a flash from our past taken in 1957 at our house in Scarborough, Ontario. my sister Louise (6?), and me 8 yrs old I was taking shape to be a very fat kid, glad I have that under control now.
1957 memories
     There ya go another fun desert desert day enjoy this wonderful winter weather and sunshine.
     Glad that y'all dropped on by and hope your had a good one as well.
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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Heard it has been a little windy and chilly there, must really be if you had to put the slides in!

    1. It really hasn't been that bad, Suzie felt better pulling in the slide, nothing blew away, we have been in much worse winds.Day time temps in the 60's and sunny is good, this morning 34F most mornings about 5 am.Sure much better than back home and the scenery awesome.

  2. I love the sunrise picture with the tree. Someone sure took thier time making that snake out there pretty cool

    1. Thanks JO , that shine snacks is such a novelty find here in the desert.

  3. The wind can come up fast, it's a good idea to bring in the slide when it starts blowing - and as you know never leave the awning out overnight. Glad the oranges and grapefruit are now in the stands.
    So sad to see there is now an 'iron ranger' at the VC! :(

    1. The wind did not bother me, it was howling at the back of the coach where there is no slide, strange. Yes we never leave our awning open here unless we are sitting under it.
      Guess we timed it just right again for the fruit season.
      That Iron Ranger will keep a lot of people away I am sure.

  4. WE found the wind there was quick to come up and quick to die down as well. Happy the fruit stand is open, great prices too.
    The stone snake isn't a hard climb but it could be a long one from Peg Leg Road. At least you have the memories. Keep on having fun.

    1. Yes the desert winds can came an go very quickly. Love the prices at the fruit stand so fresh.It is not a head climb just that Suzie does not want me to do it alone. Every day here is fun.

  5. Gosh .... you look like a normal kid to me!! I love that area with all it's secret little locations. The fruit looks yummy, as does your dinner!!!

    1. Yeah but the weight just kept coming well over 200 lbs at 12 years old 5ft 7. Taking the time to explore here does pay off and is fun, the fruit so fresh and dinner excellent thanks.

  6. Nice to see you in Borrego Springs and the weather is beautiful for you guys.
    I can't believe you're not going to Julian for pie!!! That was the whole reason Suzie
    said you were going! That's too bad, it is always a beautiful drive that we love.
    We really like that Visitor Centre, too bad you have to pay now but nice for someone who hasn't been there. Enjoy!

    1. We have been to Julian so many times over the years,I could care less about the pie and she did feel like it either. maybe another time. The weather has been really co-operating for us. The visitor centre is a very nice one. But have been there a few times and don't need to pay for what we have seen before when it was free.

  7. You're such a scofflaw! Now you'll be looking back over your shoulder for a ranger coming to get your entry fee until you get back to Canada! :cD

    1. Naw not worried about that at all, They weren't there and I was only there for 5 minutes anyway. They have ti catch us first!

  8. I do love your desert photos! The desert here in Australia is beautiful too and we have enjoyed many trips to what people refer to as ~the dead centre~ but we love it. Keep the photos coming.

    1. Thank Rosie, glad you enjoy them, would love to explore the desert there in Australia too, I am sure it would be amazing. Maybe someday !

  9. In 1957 I was only 5 but look quite tall even then. The clothing looks a bit unusual for a 5 year old, maybe Mom’s?

    1. I thought you were younger but looked much older , the clothing did look older too.

  10. Lucky you, I know how much you love those oranges.


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