Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, February 18, 2019

Happy President's day for our American friends and a Family day for our Canadian friends .

Where are we today ?
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Happy President's Day for the USA and Happy Family day back home 
       Hopefully we will have a bit less wind today, decent temperatures in the high 50's and the sunshine sure makes things feel good..
       Got a nice early walkabout for my first mile then back home to putter around for a while. Clear blue skies and sunny what's not to love about that? Puttered around for a while cleaned some windows in our coach and the car windows just enjoying a nice relaxing day.
the view to the west of us to a  nice home here in the desert
         After lunch I took a ride up Side winder road exploring a bit quite few remote boon docking spots back there.
love this end of the world so peaceful here
amazing wide open spaces
not sure what this is but kinda cool 
an abandoned camp site
a desolate area
           We have a perfect spot in the sun out of the wind on the other side of our coach, actually was pretty hot.
       Enjoyed our e-readers outside and watched a bunch of toy haulers store their rigs here after a fun long weekend in the dunes with their toys and family fun.
another huge trailer pulling in
         At 2:30 good friends from British Columbia Canada dropped by for a nice vist. So nice to see them again, Jean has been not well for a while so they have stayed away.
Jean and Skip
      A bit later Ron and Loree joined us and they made a pitcher of beer margaritas to share. And even brought Freddie!
this be Freddie
Freddie giving Jean a kiss, he loves people
a fun happy hour with good friends
         New conversations going on for a while, a few laughs and good times, This is what our happy hours do.
Freddie comfortable here with us enjoying a snooze 
 nice sunny skies with a few fluffy clouds.
     The wind pick up about 4;30  so everyone headed on home.
Suzie and I enjoyed a tasty Shrimp
 cocktail as I prepared supper
fresh shrimp was cooked and cooled earlier
         Tonight a couple of Bison burgers grilled on our Weber Q. Sure hit the spot tonight.
wind screen in place and car blocking the wind.
not long these Bison burgers were done perfectly
Enlgish Muffins warming on the side
 what a very tasty burger they make
 so lean and actually moist
     That  was our enjoyable day we had,  getting things done fun with old and new friends, decent weather and a tasty supper.
       Glad that y'all dropped on by today. Nothing exciting for you to read but was exciting for us.

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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Do you have a favorite cocktail sauce used with the shrimp? or a recipe? ( I didn't see one on your recipe page) I assume these are some of you Mexican shrimp, and deserve the best! :)
    Winds on the coast blew the clouds out most of the day and then back in this afternoon, no full 'supermoon' rise for us :(


    1. Jeff, these are actually shrimp from Argentina we had in the freezer, want to use them up and get more from Mexico. The cocktail sauce is one I just throw together, Ketchup, horseradish, lemon just, and tabasco to make as spicy as you like.

  2. Theres the wind screen I got the idea from for my camp stove. Those shrimp look really good

    1. The wind screen sure does help JO and the shrimp were yummy.

  3. Hot??? It's a good thing you aren't around Tucson. Sleet and snow this morning!!

    1. No, No No that is just not right, snow in the Arizona desert.

  4. How nice you had visitors for Happy Hour! Don't Jean and Skip do a blog too? Ken said the shrimp looked really good! Dinner looked awesome to me! You certainly know how to deal with the wind!

    1. It was nice to see them again.They used to Blog but she does not post anymore, for a few years now.
      The shrimp was excellent and the Bison burger very tasty.

  5. That sun yesterday was very hot. We had clouds later in the day and then it turned from hot to cool very quickly.
    Nice to have Jean feeling well enough to join for H.H. with Skip, Ron and Loree and of course Friendly Freddy. Looks like a great day!

    1. It was a very hot sun, and like you said cooled down very quickly too.
      Great to see Jean and Skip again and that they are filing much better too. Always nice to see Ron, Loree and friendly Freddy too.

  6. Glad you didn't fall off the end of the world! ;c)

  7. The desert there looks more like I was expecting to find here with not a lot of plant life.

    1. The area around Tucson is a tier elevation so much more plant life there. This is the desert we love.


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