Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Craft sale, swap meet, warm sunny day and meeting with fellow rvers again.

Where are we today
La Posa South Quartzsite Arizona
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          Not too cold last night and looking forward to another sunny desert day. Predicted high today 62 f   just need to shelter us from the normal north winds and is perfect.
         This is the weather we are here for the cool nights and warm sunny days sure beats what there is back home.
      Colder temperatures back home, not much sun shine there and even some snow. We still have another 130 days before we have to be back in Ontario. So we will enjoy this much nicer weather here.
New Hamburg Ontario
         Got an nice early walkabout at 7 am as the sun was rising about 1.5 miles then into town to pick up a few items. Noticed a sign for a craft sale and swap meet at the QIA (Quartzsite Improvement Association) Back home asked Suzie if she was interested and yep she was. So before 10 we were there. These events are always fun to check out Today was from 9 am until 1 pm. Must have been well over 50 vendors  there inside and out. Lots of cool things, crafts, jewelry, furniture you name it and VERY reasonable prices I might add. But  nothing that we really needed, lots of great ideas for gifts, but again nothing caught our eyes.
need a gun?
how about a Horse?
rv bird house
new chairs, 4 bucks
very cool crafts only 4 bucks
     Then we headed inside and even more vendors there lots of great gift ideas, almost bought something but held off for now.
hand knitted slippers  6 bucks
      We saw what we wanted and headed home for a light lunch and a very relaxing afternoon in the sun and out of the wind. Winds to 15 mph with gusts to 25 mph all from the north. We are parked facing south so our coach blocked the wind very nicely. I was in shorts, t-shirt and sandasl by noon as long as we are close to the coach is wonderful.
       Another walkabout enjoying the scenery. Quite a few Saguaro cactus standing alone here and there, so majestic looking they are.
Suzie got a doggie fix and
kisses from Tucker
Gerry washing their trailer by hand
then me enjoying reading in
the warm sunshine
      About 3 pm we had company Rick and Cathy  of (its about time) managed to find us and dropped by for a nice visit. We caught up and shared stories then they headed on out.
nice to see them again
      By the time they left it was time for us to whip up supper. Preheat out Weber Q while I made a tasty salad and grilled these two smoked pork chops I picked up at the Quartzsite Market this morning.
so fresh right from the butcher
while cooking supper the sun is setting
over the mountains about 5:15 pm
these smoked chops are wonderful
about 2 minutes a side
is perfect
          Supper done, sun has gone, getting much cooled out so we inside for the night. Another perfect desert day we had. And fun meeting up with fellow rv'rs once again.
           Thanks for stopping by and hope you had a warm sunny day too.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. It was fun visiting once again and hopefully we can visit again soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    Rick and Kathy

    It's about time.

  2. Seems you have some warmth. We're in the minus c here now.

  3. Yikes...not very warm daytime highs. That's one of the reasons we go to Mexico. Guaranteed nice weather.

    1. At 64f in the sun it feels like 90f perfect for us, clear blue skies, cool nights great for sleeping, no humidity and no bugs.And the big plus it is cheaper for us to stay here than in Mexico.

    2. So long as you're happy, that's what counts. Not warm enough for us to spend the whole winter there.

    3. We do move around quite bit and love the very inexpensive camping options here. Yes it does work for us.
      You are not too warm there right now though.

    4. No, it's too cold here in Moldova for our liking. But, we knew this in advance, and it's only for a few weeks. Looking forward to our time in southern Spain in January and February.

  4. I really didn't particularly want to see your weather compared to ours! But glad Rick and Cathy found you.

    1. The weather is perfect for what we enjoy, births sunshine but not too hot or humid.

  5. It will be another month before we get over there. Need to get my cataracts taken care of first.

    1. Get that cataracts done then head this way, as you know it will be much busier then.

  6. I need to load all of our excess house stuff into the coach and head for a swap meet.

    1. A great way to get rid of stuff, lotsa people come to them.

  7. Nice day....sounds like all is good there. It's always fun walking a swap meet!

    1. It was a perfect day, and we do enjoy checking out the swap meets, never know what you might find.

  8. Nice to connect with Rick and Kathy again, we hope to meet them soon. Our Suite is facing the east here and we have a tree at the south end so to get the sun I need be at the back of our unit, which isn't spacious at all and isn't always sheltered from the winds. Looking forward to getting to Quartszite so we can situate the rv the way we want.

    1. That is what is so not about boon docking park which ever way you like for the most benefits.


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