Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, December 29, 2016

A very warm Thursday, actually hot if you are in the sun, we enjoyed every minute of it outside.

Where are we today
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      It was very mild overnight great for sleeping and windows open a bit. At 5:30 this morning was 52f the makings of another perfectly warm/hot desert day. Got a couple walkabouts done and took a load of laundry down about 7:30 this morning, as usual nobody there this early and was done by 9 am.
       We had an issue with our power pedestal last night, No big deal we have the inverter anyway, I let them know this morning and Joe was right here to fix the problem, he replaced the plug and breaker, all is good now.
        Then time for shorts, sandals, awning down and the sunshade as well.
Tucker stopped by and Suzie got her doggie fix
       Because we had this wonderful weather time for a real treat brunch in our Weber Q. Bacon, eggs and homefried potatoes. Done on our Grill mat. The mat sure works wonderful for some applications.
breaks on the grill mat
wonderful !
oh what a treat!
        After our brunch I drove to the dunes to see what was going on there. Only 10 miles down the road and has been a while since I stopped by to check out the action. Buttercup Recreational area clic here for info. We have spent some time there with friends we met years ago and had some fun times.
       Now home by noon to enjoy this wonderful hot summer day. It was 72F on the north side of our coach in the shade and 82 f on the south side in the shade.
we facing south and need the sunshade
     We enjoyed some relaxing time with our e-readers. I finished another book William Bernhart (Strip Search) and began a new one. James Patterson (Against Medical Advice) all these books are the ones we both enjoy reading.
      We bought a whole turkey the other day 11 lbs for $7:65 and decided to just cook 1/2 of it. So I chopped it in half then set on our Weber over foil and a small trivet on low and slow Was done in just over 2 hours to perfection.
      Just before it was done time Happy Hour and for Clemson to hop on Suzie's lap, another first for Clemson and a another doggie fix for Suzie (2 in one day !)
Clemson on Suzie's lap
    We enjoyed this warm afternoon and shared stories of our days' adventures. Good friends of ours arrived here today and stopped by to say hello. Denis and Sandy, have not seen then since last spring in Quartzsite.  So nice to see them again after so many years running into each other in our travels. We will see then while they are here.
Clemson and Bill Payed for a bit
         Now our 1/2 Turkey is done to perfection, so I deboned it and whipped up a salad to enjoy with it. Bones in the freezer for soup and the meat for whatever we like.
1/2 of our Turkey, so moist and tender
crispy on the outside
yup was wonderful
       Loving this wonderful warm dry weather and will enjoy it while it is here. The forecast tells us we are in for a cold spell, but we don't care, no snow, we have sunshine  and still much better than back home. This time of year does cool, down here for a bit but will warm up in a month or so then get HOT.
       Hey thanks for stopping by again, we not doing much other than enjoying no cold or snow and lotsa sunshine. And that's what we here for.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. Could use a little of that heat right now, we're sitting in Sioux Falls, SD to get our licenses renewed. 25*F and 30 mph wind. Have to renew before or in our birthday (January). Why couldn't I have been born in July!!! ;c)

    1. Oh know Sioux Falls SD does not sound good at this time of year its too cold, maybe you should head straight south from there.

  2. I'm confused, thought you were at Pilot Knob but now see that you are in an RV park. Never been to that one. Looks good.

    Nice that you are getting the sun and heat, enjoy every moment.

    1. We are at Pilot Knob Resort, free camping is why we are here, We make use of our memberships when it suits us.
      Loving the warm sunny days.

  3. I'm envious of all that warm sunshine! It certainly isn't as cold here as other places but I'm just not a winter person.
    Your turkey sure looked delicious. I've never cooked one on the grill. You have me to try it.

    1. We are here for the sunshine, even it is cool, the sunshine makes us feel good. I cook just about everything on our Weber Q 100.

  4. That is a good looking breakfast! Glad you finally got some warm weather!

    1. Thanks FG, it was very tasty. No complaints about the weather here.

  5. You ate well this day and that is my kind of breakfast - I just polished off a plate of home fries and eggs.

  6. Seeing all these duners I don't understand why they are breathing in this fine desert dust. Can't be very healthy. Good to have warm days for you. Enjoy!

    1. That desert dust out there is brutal, we can get enough of it here without causing more.
      The warm sunny days are wonderful.

  7. Good times here even if we do nothing. We are getting good at it too!

    1. Doing nothing us what we enjoy as long as the sun is shining it is wonderful.


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