Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, December 02, 2016

Friday? hmm, guess we can enjoy another sunny desert day now. But everyday for us is the weekend,

Where are we today
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        Much milder last night with some cloud cover, about 48f at 5 am, gotta love it.
        Got my first walkabout as the sun rose about 7 am. So wonderful this desert scenery and the peaceful mornings. At 6 am I put the turkey bones from  last night on to simmer for a few hours and make a very tasty broth for some soup.
Tucker says HI
another interesting desert sunrise
         At 8 am I headed into town to pick up up a few groceries, stop by the bank for some cash and home about 9 am. That's it,no need to head out anymore today.
a Large pot of Turkey Noodle soup
oh so tasty, few more lunches here
       After lunch a cruise around this huge BLM area and spotted this very nice looking rv below. Cottage in the desert.
      The clouds went away about 1 pm and even though it was 60 f the sunshine makes it feel amazing, now shorts and sandals for me and the awning down for a bit of shade for us to read in, This is what we love.
        Later this afternoon we got together with Tucker for Happy hour and he even brought along Gerry and Melinda.
of course Tucker likes a treat
good boy
     As the sun begins to set shortly after 5 pm whipping up supper. Some cod fish fillets pan fried on our Weber Q with Fish Crisp added to our tasty salad.
another nice sunset
so very tasty love our fish
        And after the sunsets we have these amazing wonderful clear skies with no light pollution, the the star gazing is absolutely wonderful. To bad my camera can't do some decent pics, I have tried.
        That was our desert day in the sunny southwest hope you had a great day too. Thanks for stopping by.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. You are right. Everyday is a weekend. Sometimes I wish there were fewer of them for other folks. At least it would keep them off the roads! :)

    1. Yeah we try to stay off the highways on the weekends.

  2. No wind up your way? It has been gusting winds here in YUMA, including the overnight.

    1. We have had winds about 15 mph from the north as usual, but we can park our coach in the desert here to block it so not too bad.

  3. Check your local forecast - gusts to 50 mph along the coast. Gotta love those clear nights tho, your spot looks like a great spot to enjoy them.

    1. The gusts are not that bad here, but we always keep an eye on the weather. It is a wonderful spot here for clear night time skies.

  4. Sounds like some quiet fun days in the desert with friends, what a nice way to spend your days.

    1. We do enjoy the quiet desert areas and with friends is a bonus.


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