Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, December 25, 2016

A great Christmas day with family, friends, sunshine and warm weather, yes we are loving it !

Where are we today
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           Merry Christmas morning and was up to see what Santa brought. And guess what?  We got a wonderful huge haul of Milk Chocolate Truffles. Oh yeah Suzie loves them and I might even sample a few as well.
          First walkabout at 6:30 am I caught a bit of sunrise and a 1/4 moon in the sky. Was cool but not too cold. No wind and very refreshing just like we love the desert.
Sunrise soon
frost on the car windshield
I wrote  Merry Christmas
          We spent a lot of Christmas morning on FaceTime with family, The kids and grands with live videos and my ma as well with my sister, brother and their spouses.  Nice to see everyone on Christmas day and Suzie got to chat with her family as well.
          And another walkabout chat with Bill, Patsy and Clemson and a few more. Before relaxing in the warm, sunshine enjoying our e-readers.
love their Christmas t-shirts
        Another walkabout the desert, just love the wonderful quiet times here and wide open places.
beside the resort nice
clear blue sunny skies today
and no wind = awesome !
      Then at 1:30 the bunch of us (10) headed to the Clubhouse for our 2 pm Christmas dinner. I posted this menu yesterday but this is the feast we had today. Great home cooked food and a wonderful traditional Christmas dinner.
     We snagged a table and grabbed a couple extra chairs good for us 10 people.
Melinda and Gerry
a fun group we had here
       Now we enjoyed a very tasty Christmas dinner with 10 close friends and another hundred or so close friends that we have not met yet. This is the way of us full-time rver's.
the food line went quickly
and the food was so tasty
perfect Christmas dinner
we enjoying every bite 
I had apple pie and whipped
cream for desert, home made it was
Patsy being Patsy, loved
her Christmas light necklace
      As we were leaving this lady chased us down. She had noticed the cooler bag I was carrying. They have exactly the same one. We got it (free) at the visitor centre on the North Shore of Lake Ponchartrain in Louisiana when we camped at Abita Springs Rv park back in 2006. 10 Years ago. And they got the same one when they were there at the same time. Now talk about a small world!
this is our cooler bag that we love
         After this wonderful Christmas dinner we all gathered at Bill and Patsy's for Happy hour just because we could. Now 12 of us there, flapping our gums, sharing stories and getting to know each other for a while.
That is Timmie on Dee's knee
 looking at Suzie
lots of conversation going on here
      As the sun was setting and it was cooling down time to head on home almost 5 pm, call it a wonderful Christmas day enjoying some sunny warm weather, a great Christmas dinner and conversation.
nice sunset over the Imperial Dunes
 to the west of us
      We had a very nice Christmas day with family (thanks to today's technology) and great Christmas dinner with friends and amazing weather. Not a white Christmas, but we have done enough cold ones, now a warm Christmas is what we enjoy.
       Hope you enjoyed your Christmas Day too and thanks for taking the time to stop on by.
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  1. That is what Christmas is all about. Best of the season to you.

  2. Looks like a well spent Christmas day.

  3. Just wanted to mention my son and daughter-in-law were with us too visiting Mom Christmas Day.


    1. Yes sis they were, sorry I did not mention them too. Guess I missed a few other people in this posting as well.

  4. It was a wonderful fun filled day, George, and it is so nice to have friends around us and even a sister too!

    1. It was a fun day, and friends around at Christmas is a bonus too.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!! Family, good friends and awesome food....priceless!!! Reminds me of the winter we spent at Rainbow Plantation (Escapees Park). Great friends and always good food.

    1. It sure was a wonderful Christmas no complaints here.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Oh how nice to be able to talk face-to-face with the kids and mom. Technology is awesome.
    Looks like a wonderful blessed Christmas day. I had to laugh when I saw the first photo of y'all sitting outside talking. I see a guy in shorts and a gal with a blanket wrapped around her legs. Tis the season for crazy weather that is for sure.

    1. It was a great Christmas day, and some people get colder than others, I can wear shorts and Suzie long pants a 2 sweaters, go figure?

  7. A little late but I have been so busy over Christmas that I was hardly ever on the computer. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas with lots of friends around. Wishing you and Suzie a Happy New Year with many more adventures ahead.

    1. Thank you sure looks like you had a wonderful Christmas as well with family. And a Happy New year to bot of you as well.


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