Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Book exchange, a quick trip to Corpus Christi and a tasty supper.

Where are we today ?
         Another great day but the weather is kinda iffy. Ya know what I mean? IF the sun shines it will be nice, IF it rains, not so nice. IF its cloudy not so nice either. Well we had all of that today, but the temps not too bad mostly between 60f and 75f, up and down like a toilet seat all day.
        Again no real plan for two reasons, We have seen most of this area in recent years and notreal great to see more with IFFY weather. If it gets better we will do more sightseeing , if not we just kinda hang out.
         So the first thing on the list today was check out the Lori's Book Nook in Rockport. Have been here before and can exchange a few of our used books for a few more lightly read books we have not had the pleasure to read yet. $5.00 later we traded three good books for three more good books, Not a bad deal we should be good for a few more days.
        After this stopped by a hearing aide place in town to see if they could check out one of my aides that is not working. A different product, but there is a dealer in Corpus Christi. So back home for a quick bite, grab our gps and head into Corpus. 
         A nice 45 minute drive but we made a wrong turn, so it became a scenic tour of Corpus Christi. No problem we finally got there, the Hearing aid company of Texas Checked and tested hearing aides, got one working and established that one needs to be factory repaired. Warranty is done and I get new ones in April thru WSIB. Not willing to spend $250.00 for a repair for two months. But they did check everything out and test the aids, for no charge. Guess Suzie and I will have to use sign language or email to communicate until then. Close captions on the tv etc....
a very friendly place
        After all that fun here, back on the road heading back home, passed a few places we have been before and just enjoyed the drive on a nice sunny afternoon. We been there done that and not ready to go back again yet! Maybe some day.
USS Lexington
        Got back home about 3:30 with the sun shinning now, so we have time to read for a while outside. Chat with a new neighbor, gott love all these friendly RV'ers.
        Then gonna clean a few gulf shrimp for supper, fire up our Weber Q-100 to grill them, with some fresh garlic and olive oil.
ready to go
ready to eat
        Whip up a rice pilaf a slice of garlic bread and a wonderful tasty supper.
so tasty 
       Well that was another wonderful day that just kinda slipped by, just amazing how they do that.
       Thanks for stopping by and reading a few words, hope your day was as wonderful as ours.

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  1. Gotta keep those hearing aids tuned up to be sure you hear what Suzie's telling ya

  2. Our Day seemed to fly by of course part of the reason it did that was the clear blue skies with 79F temperature. Slightly cooler tomorrow then it's supposed to climb into the 80's starting this Thursday. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Sure like those deals that you get at the book exchanges. Sorry to hear that it wasn't a quick fix for your hearing aids, but glad to know that brand new ones are just a couple months away. Do you have a recipe for your rice pilaf it always looks so good. Like the looks of your Gulf Shrimp.

    1. Love book exchanges, a good reason to explore some interesting places.
      The rice is too easy. I use a minute rice, just boil water with whatever veggies you have (this time was frozen mixed veggies and celery). Some flavour to the water, either a spice, or oxo, add rice stir, put lid on and turn off heat. done in 5 minutes. Then add a bit of soya sauce, fluff with a fork and serve.

  4. Cute bookstore. You are eating more shrimp then we are!

    1. You not eating shrimp, right fresh off the boats there???

    2. Yeah we are but it always looks better when you cook it.

    3. Thanks, just so easy to do this way.

  5. When we went to tour the USS Lexington last year, it was SO windy I had to hang on to Teresa, otherwise she would have flown into the ocean ... lol.

    We did pretty good at our local book exchange too !!

    Take care ... TnT

    1. Our tour of the Lexington was great, and we just love book exchanges.

  6. This beautiful bookstore is iwned by my best friend and was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. Could you please share and help to rebuild this Roxkport treasure.


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