Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, February 22, 2013

Hanging out and enjoying the pretty nice weather.

Where are we today ?
        Another great nights sleep, mild 65f windows open, Fantastic fan going just wonderful. But the weather forecast for today is overcast and kinda windy again. 30 kph (19 mph winds) but temps about 74f (22c). So all in all not too bad. Just not really the kind of weather we want to go out sightseeing in.
         Mind you we have been in this area many times and have seen just about all we want to see a few times. So unless its really a great day we don't need to go back and take more pictures. 
         Our campground is kinda protected from the wind and especially our campsite so why not just hang out here? Walkabouts, a couple bike rides and find a sunny spot out of the wind and enjoy our books. Lotsa new neighbors arriving today so we are being surrounded by rv's mostly beginning their homeword trek and chatting with a few as they set up.
more new neighbors
thats me on Rockport Beach Nov. 2006
         Now if you care to check out lotsa pictures of this area you can click on the links below. Places we have been and maybe get back to if the weather is good enough (no wind and lotsa sunshine).
Just click on any one of these links below to check out some great places we have visited here.

           Now back to here. After a great day puttering around clouds ans sunshine coming and going. Some clothes on some clothes off,  we did get to enjoy our books for a while out of the wind behind our coach.
           In the sun with no wind its pretty hot, cloud cover and a breeze its kinda cool, but sure beats all that other stuff that some people are having. I got to wear my shorts and t-shirts all day. Maybe a sweater now and again and even socks for a bit but overall was awesome!
afternoon clouds and sun
a nice sunny spot and now wind here
        After a great day its now time to fire up our Weber. Put on a nice sweet potato to bake, add a couple smoked pork chops, steam some broccoli, cauliflower, red pepper and onions we have a wonderful tasty supper.
our Weber does and great job every day
so tasty and filling
then desert, some fresh local strawberries
        That was it for a non cold winter day in south Texas. We loving it, wish you were here.
         Glad you could drop by and relax with us for a bit. Do it again anytime we are always here, wherever that might be !
Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
View Winter 2012-1013 in a larger map


  1. There's so much to see in that area. We're looking forward to a return visit ... maybe next year.

    1. It is just s very nice area to visit, we enjoy just being here.

  2. What a great day to sit outside and read!

  3. Great looking weather - that always makes anywhere perfect when you're rving, right? Love those bbq dinners.

    1. The great weather is always welcome in the winter.
      We do love our BBQ dinners as well.

  4. Hu,- I see you had strawberries yesterday. Just what we enjoyed as well.


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