Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Funky weather and the day passed us by...

Where are we today ?
Robert Louisiana
        Hey we havin funky weather today. Not cold and snowy just funky. Hot (80f), humid, rainy sunshine, drizzly, sunshine, rainy (get the picture?) off and on all day long. Sure does beat what they are having back home with all that cold and snow thou.
        We have no plans, not much we want to do in this area, so when its not raining, walkabouts the resort. Starts to drizzle back inside. Wanna take our chairs out then it starts to rain again. Humph... so we just take it as it goes. 
like this most of the day
      Well we thought being a sunday maybe we watch an afternoon movie on tv. Good plan right?
      Did not happen, between reading a bit, getting out for a walk between the raindrops, research a some on the internet, chat with a couple neighbors, next thing we know it's 5 o'clock! Missed the movies, missed "Happy Hour" like hey, where did the day go??
         So getting hungry and gonna cook inside tonight because of this funky weather. Today is a simple Spaghetti squash. Too easy, cut in half, scoop out the seeds, pierce the skin with a fork , upside down on a plate, 1/4 cup water, cover and nuke for about 12 minutes, until very tender and hot.
scoop onto a plate, careful its hot!
         Then I heated up some spaghetti sauce I had in the freezer, (meat, onions, mushrooms and stuff) add some parmesan cheese, hot sauce (for me), garlic bread and tomato slice we have a very tasty, tender almost healthy supper.
        Well thats it, we just living in the southern states, hanging out, hmm maybe we becoming them southern rednecks ya' know? Bin hangin out here long enough. Rain, swamp, all the southern accents we gettin hooked on.
        Any who, thats all we did an it were fun. Exercising a bit, lookin out the window, watching the water rising in the swamp, and watchin for gators.
        Thanks for stopping in and keeping us company, Y'all come back now hear?
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  1. Yeah looks pretty gray and dreary there for sure. Kinda like here in central Pennsylvania.

  2. at least your warm, it's been a chilly winter here in AZ this year .. high today was 59 degrees!

  3. Missed Happy Hour...that's not good at all, you have to prioritize!

    1. We were having to much fun doing nothing, we completely forgot, can you believe it?

  4. Dinner looked good...was that just a regular yellow squash? Might want to give that a try!

    Hope you have a sunny Monday! Enjoy....

  5. you missed happy hour???? Do I have to come there and train you???? lol

    1. Yep looks like it, some day we will get together for that lesson.

  6. Love spaghetti squash. It's also good with butter and fresh grated parmasan cheese. Those days that fly by are the days we wonder how people have time for a "job".

    1. Yes it is nice like that too.
      No time for a "job" anymore thats for sure.


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