Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Real camping again, almost!

Where are we today ?
          Overcast this morning but nice and warm. Sure is wonderful being in a campground again. Most of the time we are in 55+ resorts or where the snowbirds are. Even thou this is off season there is still lotsa young families here. Pop up trailers, the sound of children playing, scooters, bicycles, basketball, frisbees, baseball and families enjoying campfires, cooking outside, fishing etc... is actually kinda nice. Makes you feel young again (at least me anyway).
hey mister you got a radio there? nope just a camera, 
Hey mister you goin fishin? Nope just wear fishing vest.
basketball, lotsa fun and noise is good.
         Now after all the walkabouts and chatting with people we decided to head out to  Ponchatoula and check out a book exchange we found there, only about 20 minutes away. Taking the back roads we came across a small Fleamarket, just had to stop and explore. Wandered about, fresh air and more exercise, even found a couple deals we could not turn down. Spent $4.00 here!!
         Eventually we got to Ponchatoula and found Hickory Cottage book exchange on a back street, Guess where is was? "Hickory St". She took afew books in trade and we picked up a few more. Now we could have spent a lots more time here with the great selections and spent a lot more money but we are still doing ok for inventory. We will keep looking on down the road.

        After here toured around a bit and ended up stopping at Camping World in Hammond to see what we could buy. No great deals there for stuff so carried on down the road a couple miles and stopped into Berryland RV to see what they have here. No, not RV's just check out the store for stuff. Actually found a good deal here on a new surge protector, (other one is done now) so grabbed that up real quick.
         Now its getting almost late so head back home. We are missing "happy hour" and need to read for a bit while our Weber is heating up. Getting ready to bake a few potatoes and grill and very tasty Pork Loin roast.
         Listen to the kids playing, smell the campfires and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. Hey this is almost like REAL camping!
        Oh while we were out picked up a nice bunch of fresh Louisiana Fresh Strawberries $1:49 and later on we will have some strawberry shortcakes with whipped cream.
        In the meantime this is supper, grilled pork loin roast, baked potatoes, garlic bread, applesauce and some cauliflower with cheese. Our Weber does a great job.
tasty and filling
        Supper done, another walkabout, post the blog and get ready for some strawberry shortcake for desert.
         Glad you could drop by for a visit and camp with us, hope your day was as awesome as ours!
oh, the strawberry shortcake was awesome by the way!
can you taste it?

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  1. I know what you mean.....the KOA filled up with lots of families for the weekend. Bikes, scooters and folks out enjoying the fresh air.....I liked it too!

    Have a great Sunday! Enjoy your reading.

  2. Can't miss those Happy Hours...that strawberry shortcake looks great!

    1. Yes you are right, all the hours are Happy and some even happier.

  3. Those strawberries sure look good. For fresh fruit we go after the oranges at this time of year in Arizona.

    1. We have been getting lotsa oranges here too, but local strawberries is nice too.

  4. I know what you mean. We just got back from two weeks in a state park and boy was it nice to be away from the snowbird rv parks.

  5. Yup, I could darn near taste that great looking Strawberry Shortcake all the way here in California!

  6. Have to agree nice to enjoy a more traditional campground once in a while especially the campfires. Sure some nice looking strawberries you found for that delicious shortcake. Missing my Weber this week had to send for a new gas regulator, would to try and cook a pork loin on it as never have tried it before. Yours always look so good!

    1. Yes it is nice.
      Would be lost with out my Weber.
      New regulator should fix it up good.
      I found when I hook up to propane, wait at least 15 minutes before you fire it up, research has helped and this regulator so far is almost 2 year old, used almost everyday.
      Pork loin is awesome too.


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