Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

So busy doing nothing...

Where are we today ?
        Today is warm but overcast again, no problem, we don't need to do much and can just enjoy this great weather. Sunshine would be nice, but no cold and no snow all is  good. 
        No need for shopping for things today so lotsa walkabouts the resort. Think I did a few miles around here today. My new shoes working really good, walking like 50 miles an hour!(haha) Looking for gaters and wildlife,  but just lotsa ducks and geese. Peace and quiet and friendly rv people to stop and chat with here and there.
pool at the clubhouse (not heated thou)
pond by the clubhouse
nice cabins here too
        After lunch we were able to get our chairs out and enjoy reading in the shade today, 70f (21c) so quite comfortable. Again chat with people as they stroll by, so many friendly people here. Just love this area.
        Then once again fire up our Weber to grill a cornish hen (for two) a couple potatoes in foil with onions (Suzie's favourite), whip up some Swiss Chalet Sauce for our chicken and grill the rest of our tender asparagus for a wonderful tasty supper.
Chicken and taters
tender  asparagus
yep love our chicken !
        Hey thats it for today, was gonna vacuum the car but ran out of time (can you believe it?) Too busy doing nothing. Hey I can do more nothing tomorrow and maybe work it into our busy schedule, we'll see.
        Just wanna thank y'all for stopping in for a peak. Take care and have a good day yourselves.
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  1. RVers are the friendliest people around.

    We had a very filling supper early tonight, but looking at what you cooked up is making me hungry again. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. We had one of those kind of days too...ain't life grand?

  3. What a great day you had just enjoying the simpler things in life like reading and visiting.

    The desert has its own beauty, but we sure miss the green grass and trees in your photos today.

    Supper looks wonderful !!

    Take care ... TnT

    1. We find that after a winter in the desert, the green grass and trees is a wonderful site. But we are missing the desert this year.

  4. its our time to be busy doing nothing...I never seem to stop

    1. Elaine, gotta learn to slow down, relax.

    2. Elaine I have to agree with George. On the other hand if you can find a way to bottle your energy I will buy all you have.

  5. Anything is better than being back North in the cold and snow!! Even those ducks and geese flew south to visit with you.

    1. You got that right!
      Don't need the geese thou.


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