Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Over cast day so lets visit Abita Springs Brewery for a free tour.

Where are we today ?
        Another wonderful day, warm 70f (21c) most of the day, but overcast. So what the heck, sure lots better than back home right?
        Lotsa walkabouts the resort exercising my body a bit,(not sure is its helping, but better than not right ? )
got them ducks and geese on the lake,
keep following use all over the place,
all the way from Canada too.
        With today's weather  its a good day to tour the Abita Springs Brewery in town. And just so happens 4 other couples wanna do this tour with us. So  4 car loads of us head into town 10 minutes away and check out the Brewery. There is a few designated drivers so all is good. They drink Abita's awesome root beer. We got a ride with Jim and Linda every time we come here is a different experience.
        Got there in time to hang out in the pub, then soon they give us our own cups and we can sample all the beer we want for an hour. They also have their own very tasty root beer as well.
this be the bunch of us from the campground today
outdoor garden
nice bar
too many brews to sample plus great root beer too,
Help yourself for an hour.
        We watched a couple videos of their process, very nice and an amazing way they give back to the community as well.
        Then a tour of the facilities for a while is kinda cool.
this be our narrator just carrying on
he actually told us some interesting stuff too.
tour done grab another beer and socialize in the courtyard for a while
        After this we went down the road and stopped by the Dollar Store for a few things. All ten of us were there got stuff then back in the parking lot all gathered 'round to help this poor young lady whose car would not start.  Lotsa help and booster cables, her car started and then this became another social event. Boy we all had a great time chatting and getting to know local people.
        Well now by the time we got back home we just hung out with Jim and Linda for a bit, chat for a while had a couple snacks, then soon time to head home and whip up supper, after a fun day with a whole bunch of new friends.
        As planned we had some leftover pork ribs, pig tails, sauerkraut and creamed corn, fried up some potatoes with onions and had a very tasty filling supper.
  supper really hit the spot
        Ok, we had a great day, glad you could drop in and visit with us.
        Hope your day was as good as ours.
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  1. Oh my gawd, those fried potatoes look so wonderful, wish I had been there for dinner.

  2. You're just having way too much fun there. However, nice to see the weather is warm and beautiful for you.

    1. We have fun everyday, some days more fn than others.

  3. We would like the brewery tour as well....and the samples! Nice day and nice folks....just doesn't get any better!
    Enjoy Thursday! (My time flies! Seems like yesterday was Sunday!)


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