Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Trains in Spencer North Carolina

Where are we today ?
        Another wonderful day and just puttering around this morning, cleaning and a few errands. Chat with Rob and Pat late morning and we were checking the campground flyer to see what might be in the area thats interesting.
        Well Rob spotted a tiny add for the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer NC. So a quick check out their website and we decided lets take a drive only about 15 minutes away and see what its all about. Not expecting anything too great we were overwhelmed by the size of this facility and the amazing history behind it.
        All the trains and track that was there, the largest operating round house and all the empty buildings that once employed over 2,000 people until the mid 1900's until the diesel engine replace the steam engine after close to 100 years of railroad history. 
        The facility is run by volunteers who love doing what they do , operating and repairing real trains. Passing on the history and enjoy talking with people.
        We arrived there shortly after 1 o'clock and before we know it with a train ride on a 1921 rail car, chatting with the conductor and enjoying the nice weather, We ended up in the museum, lotsa history, a cool video of days gone by and so much to see. Not just a regular museum but one full of real live ancient rail cars and engines. Repair facilities and so much more.
       We took way too many pictures today and I posted way to many but only a small sample of what we saw.

we are heading into the visitor center
map of the facility
Rob and the girls
me and Suzie
all aboard!
train station
boarding the train

our conductor from Bramalea Ontario, 1 hour from home!, small world.

leaving our train
see ya later
a video history
our engine heading to the turntable

ready to turn
off the turntable into the shed

looks at years wages 1922 ($1,030.32) 
model of the train yards
restoration area
mail car
hospital car
Suzie on left peaking out and Pat on right
this be the repair facility, now empty
        Now after three hours of "training" and way too much fun, we headed back to camp, kinda late but just enough time for a very short "Happy 1/2 hour" while our BBQ's heated up to grill supper. 
         As we headed back into the campground Rob wanted to go dumpster diving and insisted on stopping by the dumpster to reclaim some of his garbage. Head first in the dumpster hmm. Got his prize and is happy, don't smell too good anymore thou!
        And tonight a couple "Canadian" garlic sausage from home, mashed taters and steamed broccoli. Perfect to round out a wonderful friday.
Rob the dumpster diver
        Thats it for another great day, hope you enjoyed the trains as much as we did.
        Thanks for the read, see y'all later!

Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter 

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  1. George the Weather Channel is showing hurricane Sandy moving up the eastern shore of the US and it is supposed to turn inland any time soon. It might be wise to start heading for Florida sooner than you expected. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick, but we are watching the storm very closely, and trust it is bypassing us. We prefer to sit here for now rather than drive towards it.

  2. Watch that storm off the coast that's heading your way. The weather could get pretty nasty!

  3. Sure looked like it was worth the visit. we sure enjoyed the pictures including the one with the two old Corvairs. Your dinner tonight made me wish that I would have tried to bring some of the garlic links back with me. Glad you both are having fun.

    1. It was a very nice visit, and the old cars were a bonus too. Bring what you like in moderation and never lie to the customs agent, most are pretty good. If they take it no big loss, if you bring it across, its a bonus.

  4. Wow, looks like a great place to visit, sorry I didn't see it my last time there.

  5. Great post, thanks for the tour. Who knew that was all there.

    1. So much to see in small town America, we love checking these places out.


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