Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday and an awesome warm (almost hot) day.

Where are we today ?
        A very warm night last night, windows open comforter packed away, yep its pretty nice here. Sunshine later this morning and nice view down the hill over the campground. Its a nice ROD membership park but what we would call "Rustic" (a.k.a : tired). But it is clean and quiet the way we like it, full hookups with 50 amp service. Clubhouse closed and the resort pretty well empty, again just the way we like it. Almost like camping in the desert with full hookups, oh yeah it is free because on our memberships, and free hi speed wifi too. Whats not to like?
the view over the park
this where we are
         Shortly after 9 o'clock I took a scouting trip into Salisbury, check out the town and pick up a few things. A nice smaller city with a few things to check out this weekend.
one of many downtown churches|
         Back in plenty of time to putter around a bit, take a few pics of the resort and make a quick sandwich for lunch. Temps up to 31C (88f) gotta love it!
clubhouse deck
more deck 
that be the clubhouse
        After a bite to eat I washed the car and the bugs off the front of our our coach, ready to go again, more wax on it tomorrow. We were sitting outside reading for a bit and all of a sudden a propane leak just kinda happened. I shut of the tank, got my soapy water sprayer out and found the leak, easy fix, just a loose fitting, glad we were here when it happened!
        Rob and Pat returned from their errands and got their truck all sparkly clean too. The girls were doing some computer stuff while we did this.
         Then before we know it's after 4 o'clock, almost missed Happy hour (relax and chat for a bit). Then fire up our Weber Q-100 to grill 1/2 of a chicken I picked up this morning (other half in the freezer). Whipped up a rice pilaf and tossed salad to add to the mix and a very tasty BBQ'd supper with more leftovers (easy lunches)
Chicken on our "Q"
tasty yes, oh yeah we love our chicken!
        After supper its time to wind down again, getting dark, some computing, reading and a few minutes of tv, we are done for the day.
        Thanks for the read, hope your day was as much fun as ours!

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  1. Hope you are keeping a watch on Hurricane Sandy.

  2. Might want to pick yourself up a kite in town. I hear there's a big wind headed your way.....

  3. We've been in more than our share of rustic RV parks. We don't mind. The price has usually been right and it's certainly been better than sleeping in a roadside rest area.

    Travel safe ....

  4. We had a great day here in Ontario as well. Hope more is on the way!

  5. might wanna watch the weather moving in ...not lookin too good :(

  6. I'm not sure that park is "tired". I think I'd stick with "rustic". I've never been overly keen on having too much pavement anywhere that RVs are normally kept. Just seems too much like another version of a suburb in that case.
    Looks peaceful.

    1. We love it here, and no pavement is is nice too, rolling hills, but there is some major maintenance that need to be done, in some areas.

  7. Looks like a nice spot you're in. Glad to see you say the big storm is going to go right by you. It looks to be a nasty one.

  8. A lot of the ROD parks are looking that way these days. Sadly.

    1. No problem for us, large sites full hookups and free. More like camping in provincial parks and that what we enjoy.


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