Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, October 08, 2012

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, and more Turkey, yum...

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        Pretty cold this morning, below freezing and frost on the roof of the house, but the sun was shining and it ended up being an awesome day!
a beautiful sunrise
        At 9 am called mother and had her meet us at hwy 8 and the 401 in Kitchener, we are taking her to my daughter Kim and Brians in Aurora about 90 minutes away for a Thanksgiving get-together. Arrived there in time to heat up some of the turkey soup I brought for a tasty light lunch.
nice colors on the highway
a tree across from Kim and Brians
        Then we snacked and nibbled as the rest of the family arrived and we all hung out and chatted, getting caught up with each other. All eighteen of us included me, Suzie, ma, sis, brother, two daughters, my son, nephew and all their spouses, all five of our grandchildren made for a very lively fun day. The oldest grand is 9 and the youngest 3 so running about the house, all four floors and outside kept them pretty busy for a while.
certainly a little girls room
         I brought my traditional pumpkins for grands to carve, three altogether and this kept them busy, cleaning out the pumpkin brains, drawing faces, getting dirty and carving them into halloween masterpieces.
        Then just chatting with everyone having a great time, too much to do and say and not enough time in the day. While showing my brother my new camera I was showing him different settings etc... got sidetracked and screwed things up a bit so most of the pictures I took today and that was well over a hundred, are not worth a darn. But did manage to get a few that were useable.
        Boy did we have a feast so much food! The 18 lb turkey we brought, dinner rolls, scoops and dips, shrimps and dip, brownies, tarts, cheeses, pickle tray, (gluten free stuff like turkey noodle soup, pumpkin pie, dressing, a huge orange chocolate cake, pumpkin tarts, mince meat tarts, muffins,  and pasta salad), and we had brocoli salad, caesar salad, mashed potatoes, gravy, and ham. Yep we had enough for most of the neighborhood too. But boy was it good!
they even got in a few video games too
our little angel even has wings!
Getting ready for a family picture on the deck, my brother has the tripod
        We got ready for the obligatory family photo, that my brother takes, waiting for him to send it off to us, may take a while, maybe not, we see.
        Then some two on two hockey in the driveway to burn up some more energy and before we know it's time to head home, seems like we just got here. Need more hours in the day.
         So a nice quiet drive home, with a bit of holiday traffic, but we were never stopped, just slowed to half speed for a few miles, but all was good. Dropped ma off for her car and we headed back to farm home before dark. No more food today thats for sure and we do have some leftovers as well.
         Thanks for dropping by again and hope all our Canadian friends out there had a great Thanksgiving dinner as well. In about six weeks we hope to do it all again with our American friends down south somewhere.

Check out the map below to see where we have been this summer
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  1. Time is getting to close for northern folks to get on the road. Everyone seems to be getting ready for the migration south.

    1. Yes the cooler weather is making us all anxious.

  2. Great post, George. A wonderful day with your family and another great meal to boot. Pretty hard to beat all that.

    1. Yes it was great, nice to ge together with everyone.

  3. Looks like a fun and filling day was had by all!

  4. I've always wanted one of those outdoor chimney gizmos (next to the front porch in the family pic photo) but they're "frowned upon" (i.e. outlawed) in our municipality. The city of Burlington gets into a bit of a snit when it comes to open flames in the back yard. Silly buggers.
    We cheat by having a little fire in a BBQ that has a hinged lid. Easy enough to flip the lid closed if any prying eyes come around.
    I still stop and look at those "Chimineas" though, every time I see them on display.

    1. They have had that "Chiminea" for a few years now and do manage to sneak a small campfire in occasionally with it, for the kids.

  5. That orange chocolate cake....I'd like that one.

  6. Looks like a great time. Reading about all the Canadian Thanksgiving celebrations has made me hungry for turkey. I think I'll celebrate with the Canadians next year!

    1. Why not, Turkey is good anytime in my books.


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