Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Left over pictures and turkey, cleanup day.

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        Well it's Tuesday and our Canadian Thanksgiving celebrations and family get togethers are pretty well over. So this morning coffees and computing and figure out what needs to be done before we head south. Suzie made a few phone calls to our doctors etc., I ran a few  errands and we cleaned up the turkey noodle soup and a turkey sandwich for lunch, so yummy. 
        My brother and son sent a few excellent pics of yesterdays gathering that I would like to share as well. Not that anybody cares but us, here they are anyway. Of course you can always find me with the hat and the vest. Everyone else is the rest of my side of the family. No need for names because I am not allowed to tell you anyway, for security reasons ya know.
The obligatory yearly family photo
That's me with the shiny top on the right, 
getting right into pumpkin brains
Action shot 
        Now my son took these excellents shots of our granddaughter carving her very first pumpkin. I just happen think they are absolutely priceless (of course I am kinda partial) and reminds me so much of her mother at that age!
        Then there was the rest of today. After lunch off to Suzie's mom and dad's where she and her mom did some sewing and her dad and I attempted to repair their old dishwasher leak. Well after a few hours and not much luck the decision was made that maybe this antique machine was not worth fixing. The parts would be more than it was worth. 
        We worked on this until her dad got a call from his son to come and drive tractor in the field. So back to the farm we all go, putter around a bit, play with Omer and heat up the leftover turkey, and dressing. Sandy made some mashed potatoes, carrots, more macaroni salad, and some gravy. 
A tasty hot turkey sandwich hit the spot
         Now a few more errands to do here and there, just to wrap up loose ends and we will soon be ready to hit the road.
        Oh yeah not to forget to welcome a new follower (number 72)  BILL a newly retired rver and blogger, stop by and check him out if you are so inclined.
        Glad you could drop by again and hope you had enough turkey too.

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  1. Cute little pumpkin carver you got there!! And the turkey leftovers sure look tasty.

  2. Family get togethers are always such fun. We had turkey today too but not Thanksgiving around here for quite a while yet.

    1. Turkey is good anytime, we should eat it more.

  3. Precious shots of your grandaughter.


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