Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween at Lazy Lakes Resort

 Where are we today ?
Lazy Lakes Resort Lockport New York
        First thing this morning coffees and wrap up the blog from friday night. And as the sun rises over the treetops we have a wonderful display of yellow, looks like its gonna be a nice day. Wrong... shortly after 9am it began to rain and drizzle and continued until about 4 o'clock.
         Well we had a few errands to run so rainy is no problem, nice stopping in the local stores with signs like this at the entrance.
         We got ourselves back to the resort and puttered around for a while, inside and out between the raindrops. Chat with a few of our friends and I took a drive around the resort to grab a few pictures of some of the decorated sites.
        This weekend has been designated Halloween Weekend for years with activities ongoing for this event, and most everybody gets in the spirit.
they have some very nice rental cabins here too
Wagon rides around the park
lineup for wagon rides
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Larry snuck up and scared John !
       After the all day rain the sun came out about 4:15 just in time for the Kids to begin the rounds Trick or Treating from 4:30 to 6:30. 
        Had a nice fire going on Bill and Barb's so we al congregate there, bring all our treats and socialize for the next two hours, enjoying all the kids, big and little, all their costumes and the welcome sunshine.
We had candies for 190 and ran out about 6 o'clock.
         The story behind this pickle is one of our neighbors put pickles in a zip lock bag and offered them to the kids, most gave him a funny look but a couple actually wanted the pickle instead of the candy.
I got my pickle
         When the candies ran out I dressed up pizza to our liking and popped it in the oven for a nice easy tasty supper.
        Now after supper we all gathered around the campfire, got lotsa wood to burn up and stories to tell.
Got a fire,  need a spider dog!
bundled up in front of the fire
         Well thats it for a fun day with friends in Lazy Lakes Resort. Another late night as you know "time flies when you're having fun".
         So work on the blog in the morning, but a small problem with my new template, lost the map and tried to fix it then ended setting it up with some new HTML codes. Will fine tune it another time, gotta go outside and play now.
        Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great Sunday.

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  1. Halloween usually reminds me of cold, cold weather. It doesn't look any too warm there. You just haven't made it far enough south yet.

  2. Americans really know how to celebrate Halloween!!

    1. Sure do! But you would not believe the number of Canadians here from Ontario.

  3. Seems like RVers are seriously into Halloween!

    1. Thats for sure, always a busy weekend here every year!

  4. Contessa beat me to it, but I'll say it anyway. They sure do like their Halloween! Man oh man.
    I know the Canadians get into it as well, but it just seems to be that much more "over the top" after you cross that border.
    Still too cold and wet for me though. *shudder* Reminds me of trick or treating in rural Nova Scotia. That sucked.

    1. At least here its a bit earlier and we are in the campground, all is good. Lotsa campfires!

  5. That sure does look like a lot of fun! I do love Halloween!!! The campfires look wonderful, too.


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