Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, October 12, 2012


Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        While only have 5 more sleeps before we leave, and are anticipating and great winter this year again, they seem to get better every year. And in my head all day I keep hearing this great song by Carly Simon,  and you can hear it too, and watch the video, by clicking the bold words next:  Anticipation by Carly Simon  filmed in a 1987 concert at Martha's Vineyard.

        So while I am daydreaming about this fall and winter, I was kept bust doing stuff. A quick run to New Hamburg for cheesecake supplies. Then off to Ma's in Waterloo to install two new window well covers for her basement windows. 
still enjoying some fall colors
        Had a coffee with her and trimmed the sharp edge off the new walkway boarder that Danny had installed a few weeks ago. Sis was there yesterday and concerned some one might trip on it. 
better now
         Now heading back to the farm enjoying the back country roads, blue skies and rolling hills. Still anticipating and signing to myself.
nice rolling hills
         Now back in time for lunch and I find Suzie in the Kitchen making a gluten free raspberry cheesecake for an open house we are attending tomorrow. I took pictures to prove that she can and does make food in the kitchen, some people don't believe it. She is a very good cook but I just enjoy it more and have fun doing it. Not enough time for me today thou. 
I got to lick the beaters thou, yum!
two awesome raspberry cheesecakes
         Cheesecake and a light lunch done, off to Suzie's Mom and Dads, to fix his snowblower. It would not shift into neutral and only one reverse speed was working. Ended up the gear shift leaver linkage needed adjusting and we found a broken bolt holding the handles in place.
         This repair was more successful than the dishwasher one the other day and much more important. Pretty soon they will be having snow and it will be needed to clear the walkways and driveway. And you know that is something about winter we do not miss at all, the damp cold and wet snow, we don't even miss the dry snow either.
Snow blower almost done
         Now after all this puttering around we worked up and appetite, Suzie and her Mom worked one up too by talking up a storm. So they offered to take us to an early supper at Anna Mae's Restaurant and Bakery in Milbank. They are famous for their fresh baked pies, and home cooked meals, especially their broasted chicken, the best we have had anywhere.
        So with all the menu choices, we all had the broasted chicken, so hot and juicy always cooked to order, fresh carrots, everybody else had mashed potatoes/w gavy, except for me, I need fries with my chicken, and tasty  dinner rolls.
so tasty

        Suzie had the elderberry pie, her dad raisin pie, her mom and I took our pies home, mine was dutch apple. I am not much of a desert eater, maybe I'll have that instead of breakfast or lunch or give it to Suzie.
        Well there you go, back home before dark compute a bit and watch the tube all the while still having that tune in my head. Maybe I am obsessed, or maybe crazy with songs in my head  or maybe just wanna get on the road again. Think I will watch the video again, wanna join me? Anticipation by Carly Simon 1987 concert at Martha's Vineyard.
        Thank's for stopping by and taking the time to read my blabbering away.

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  1. Looooong time since we have been to Anna Mae's in Millbank but we always enjoyed going years ago. Yes, know what you mean by 'anticipation'. We got a good healthy dose of it here as well.......

    1. Well the food is still great there, a nice country drive for you guys.

  2. Anticipation is probably more stressful than the actual trip.

    Thanks for the Heads up on how long we can be on the road for. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. No problem.
    We don't find any of this life stressful, just take it as it comes

  4. Those 5 nights will go fast... where are you two headed first?

    1. We plan on Daytona for The Rally at the end of the month then work our way west eventually, hopefully Arizona.


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