Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Clarence NY to Washington Pennsylvania

Where are we today ?
how fare travelled today 253 miles (408 kms)

        Up early as usual and on the road by 8:45 leaving Bill and Barbs place in Clarence NY. 
ready to go
heading on down the road
met up with Rob and Pat at Angola Rest area
        Gonna meet Rob and Pat (good friends from Ontario) at the Angola Rest in New York on I-90  and head towards Daytona Speedway for an Rv Rally with them, no rush lets just take our time.
          This morning we met up, they bought us awesome cinnamon buns for breaky and then we headed (or waddled on down the road). A couple rest areas and a stop for fuel we ended up at a Walmart in Washington  Pennsylvania about 2 o'clock, in time to relax, put our feet up and discuss further plans. 
rest area
parked at Walmart
Happy hour at Walmart, Suzie, Lady Girl and Rob.
         Then time for a bite to eat, we have lotsa yummy leftovers from last night, so a reheat and we are stuffed once again. Wings, a few fries, celery and blue cheese dip, veal parmesan, and pasta. Yep we got a full meal deal.
        That's it for another fun day of on the road again, time to call it a night.
        Thanks for stopping by, this fulltime lifestyle can sure wear us persons out.

Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
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  1. Looks like a great day, I think Suzie misses Omer!

  2. We know Walmarts well. We've stayed at few and usually spend dollars within. It's a great life!

  3. I really like the map showing where you are today. Looks like you've had good weather too.

    Great looking dinner.

  4. I couldn't stop as early as 2PM to sit in a Walmart lot. The earliest we ever pulled in was 6PM and gone early in the AM.

    1. Like to stop before rush hour, relax chat for a while make supper, check emails post blog, this all takes time. Then leave in the morning after rush hour.

  5. Your winter travels look like they are off to a good start. Your left over dinner looks like a good smorgasbord! Yummy. Safe traveling.


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