Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

A great tour of Salisbury NC.and some Cheerwine, actually a softdrink!

Where are we today ?
        A mild morning and slightly overcast, maybe rain, but I think not. So the four of us decided to wander into town and check out the local farmer's market.
        Around the corner on the way to the market we passed this 6,000 square foot mural historical mural that was painted from 1978-1981depicting life at the turn of the century. The characters were modeled after local citizens. It is an impressive mural and was touched up in 2010 by local artists, to read the article click here.
        Then around the corner to the Salisbury farmer's Market. A little disappointing but hey got us out for a walk in the morning air.
recycled feed bags
cool birdhouses
        Next stop was the visitor center to check out the narrated Trolley tour around town. We had an hour to wait so did a walkabout on our own until tour time.
interesting store fronts
wonder if its a relative?
Old courthouse and Museum c.1855
Yadkin House hotel 1913, next to train station is
 now apartments
Salsbury Train Station 1908,  now renovated for conference centre
still 7 Amtrack trains a day stop here.
beautiful shrubs by the sidewalk, I believe is Holy
correct me if I am wrong.
new courthouse 1921
Now back to the visitor center and the Trolley arrives, almost a full load today for their last run of the season.
        So we hopped on and were overloaded with great scenery, facts and history of this wonderful town, for about 75 minutes. Well done.
        The Fulton-Mock Blackmer house below has an interesting recent history click here  
 fake window in the huge chimney 
impressive looking mansion
Salisbury National Cemetery
mosaic wall mural
Us in the trolley
Trolley ride done
        Now our ride was done and it was very informative and worthwhile too. So we gonna head back home for lunch, but first a stop at the store to pick up a bottle of Cheerwine to taste. This is a softdrink created locally in 1917 read about it here, almost tastes either like a cherry coke or Dr. Pepper but is pretty good. So if you see it around its worth a try.
A great tasting soft drink!
We being "Happy for an hour"
especially "Lady Girl"
Now supper is my version of
a "Pork Stroganoff'
        Then a wonderful sunset here in the mountains of North Carolina.
        Hurricane Sandy? We are keeping a close eye out and are 325 miles from the shore and about 1,500 ft above sea level, so looks like all is good here. Safe and sound in a nice resort, we just wait until it passes by us then we head south to Florida. Today ended up  no wind and no rain so all is good here. Monday should be good for us to head further south.
        Thanks for your concerns and stopping by, a wonderful day here, a bit overcast and about 65f (18c) so all is good.
        So take care and enjoy your days we are having a ball !

Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
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  1. I enjoyed viewing all your pictures. I love it when towns put up murals. Those are delightful. I went to the Cheerwine site and found that very interesting too. Wanted to buy some but the shipping was more than twice as much as the beverage. DARN!! Maybe someday they will come to Oregon. It sounds really good.

    1. Yes an interesting soft drink, guess you just have to stop by here on your travels to get some.

  2. At least you're keeping an eye on the storm. That's the most important thing. Take care and keep watching.

    1. We always watch the weather when travelling, very important.

  3. Tried Cheerwine last week in North Carolina for the first time. Not bad.

  4. Another great day and a great tour. Looks like tofu in your meal!!

    1. Nope sorry lean pork it is, from our pork roast the other day.

  5. Hey George. Look at the weather forecast for Ontario. Looks to me like YOU are in the right spot.

    1. Yep for sure, but looks like you guys are not really in the perfect spot. Hot onto your hats and wait it out!


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