Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A super easy border crossing......

Where are we today ?
Lazy Lakes Resort, Lockport New York
        Up early as usual and anxious to hit the road, coffees and computing and then a quick trip to Plattsville, while I am waiting for Suzie to have her shower and stuff. But back home and all packed up ready to hit the road by 9 am. 
        Then just a nice country drive, hit the 403, the Linc, QEW over the Welland canal and lift bridge then the 405 to Queenston/ Lewiston crossing to the USA.
Welland Canal
         We want to cross at Queenston/Lewiston supposedly the border time wait is 15 minutes. Passed the new Duty free shop, nothing we need can buy what we want in the USA cheaper. Well we got to the bridge and the lineup was all the way back to Canada. So we just got in the rv lane and relaxed. Bonus here is can use our own washroom and then make lunch while in line. 
New Duty Free shop at the border
long way across the bridge
        The nice thing about sitting on the bridge is we can enjoy the view on the Niagara Gorge. The hydro electric plants on the right and the Niagara river heading to Lake Ontario on the left.
hydro electric plants
Lake Ontario  in the distance
        While waiting in line and inching ahead Suzie got to drive. Think she is doing a great job maybe she can take over, as we head south and I can read!
Suzie she driving !
just enjoying the traffic
         Well we ended up about 90 minutes in line for US customs. No problem thou we are at home and very comfortable.  And the big thing was US customs went too, smooth, easy peasy, piece of cake like wow.... 
        Where are we going and how long in the USA.
        Told him 175 days and we are going to Arizona via Florida, then back to Canada.
        Any fruit, veggies, fresh meat and how much cash. Well we don't carry much cash so no big deal. 
2 bananas and one apple. Hmm where did the apple come from? Canadian grocery store, now sure where it came from thou. We kept our apple.
        He asked if we had any fresh meat. I told him we had lots in the freezer. He did not ask and we did not tell him what we had.
        6 lbs Pepperettes, 
        1 lb hamburg, 
        3 lbs Garlic sausage, 
        8 pork chops and pork roast, 
        some fish filets and  chicken breasts. 
        Maybe they take it maybe not. 
        We just tell them what we have and he said have a nice vacation... We kept everything!

        Once across the border our first stop is to fuel up our coach. Smokin Joes always has good price on fuel so we stop here. 61 gallons(230 litres). Price here is $3.88 a gallon sure beats $1.26 a liter in Canada. ($4.76 a gallon) We saved $54.00 on this one fill up. We have a lot more fillups before the winter is over, look at all the money we will be saving!
        A few more minutes and we are at Lazy Lakes resort. Check in and got a nice huge site close to Barb and Bill our friends from Clarence Center NY.
nice large site
        All set up I made the necessary run to the grocery store to stock up with some cheap food, beer and alcohol, saved a bunch more money again. Almost like we are being paid to come here!
        Then a vist wit Bill and Barb for a while catch up and chat while our chicken is cooking on our Weber Q 100.
Their Dog Cocoa likes the picnic table, without a table cloth
        Bill is President of the Clarence Center Fire Company and showed us Barbs new hoody, with an awesome graphic on the back.
nice hoody
        Shortly after 5 o'clock John showed up with his trailer and we enjoyed Happy hour for a but while our chicken cooked. It was done just in time before the rain started around 6. So we took our supper inside and the rest headed in out of the rain as well. Will see everybody again tomorrow.
Tasty chicken baked tater, peas and Swiss Chalet sauce.

        Now supper done with this huge chicken, we will have lotsa leftovers for another meal and sandwichs too, Yep we love our chicken.
        Thats it for our first day on the road and a smooth border crossing, think we will hang out here for a few days with our friends and enjoy their company.
        Thanks once again for dropping by.
today's journey


  1. I sure like seeing you maps. Good photos of what it is like to be in a long line at a border crossing. Just imagine how boring that could be in a regular car. Ugh. Your chicken looks really good, too!

  2. I really miss the Swiss Chalet restaurant when we go south to the US. No one does a better job at BBQ chicken than they do.

    1. Packages of Swiss Chalet sauce and their marinade really makes cooking this chicken on the Weber pretty close.

  3. Glad your border crossing was good! Enjoy!

  4. Safe Travels you two. Was thinking of you today as you travelled. Noticed the clock at 3pm and figured you had already arrived at LL. Wishing we were with ya'll.

  5. Wow. Busy day. I haven't crossed there for a number of years. Didn't realise there was a new Duty Free shop. It wouldn't matter anyway, as I never stop in those places. Used to once in a while coming back from Horseheads, to maybe pick up a bottle of Crown Royal. Makes a good gift for certain folks. Other than that, don't smoke, and prefer not buy smokes for others.
    I used to time my Saturday morning crossings for just before six a.m. Seems to me it was shift change, and they just wanted you through and out of their hair.
    How do you find having the TV down at knee level like that? I've noticed that arrangement in a few motor-homes. I'm not sure it would work for me.

    1. The TV down there works pretty good if sitting on the couch or lazy boy. But if reclined need to adjust the bifocals for a clear picture. I always wanted the tv down there and thats where they had them on older coaches (ours is a 1999). Remember those CRT tvs are very heavy.

  6. Wow, you guys are sure brave to have that much meat with you ! No rice question though... interesting.
    Smoke'in Joes.... Always stop there on the way to my Moms.


    1. We took stuff we thought we could get away with. We gambled that we could take it in original packaging and from a local butcher shop. And were prepared to hand it over if need be. It was maybe $50.00 worth of food. But always tell the truth and only answer the question asked. He didn't ask what kind of meat, so I didn't volunteer. He asked if we had any fresh meat I said we had lots in the freezer, seemed to satisfy him.

  7. It's always nice to get across the border unscathed when starting a new journey. No matter how many times we do it, we are always thrilled to hear the border agent say "o.k., have a nice day".

  8. I like your method of grilling chicken. I didn't give it much thought until I saw how you do it. On a small grill we would do the cut up chicken method. Then we put the whole chicken on our Weber using the "George method" and it was great!

    1. The Weber Q sure does a great job and we just love it!
      So easy too.

  9. Welcome to the USA and safe travels!

    1. Thanks we hope to get out your way this winter again,at least thats in the plan, just love Arizona!

  10. Hi George and Suzie !!

    Teresa and I wish you the best winter ever !!

    Still check in on you daily, so don't think we have forgotten ya ... LOL

    Take care ... TnT

    1. Thanks for stopping by, hope you guys have a great winter too.

  11. We crossed two borders. One was into Oregon and the other was into California ... but I bet those don't really count.

    1. Well depends on how you look at it I guess. We will cross a lot of those heading t California

  12. Way to go Suzie!! Want to see more photos of you driving.


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