Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

A warm rainy Sunday, with company.

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        Wow it was warm this morning, up at 5:30 and was very warm inside. Looked outside and its like 60f (15c). Kinda like having a heatwave at this time of year and would almost be nice if it was not pouring rain. But hey, its not too cold and that rain is wet instead of white and fluffy.
        Got a call from my son Ken who was in Kitchener last night for his annual Oktoberfest bash with a few buddies. Said they would drop by for a visit. Have heard so much about his friends but never met them. Usually ride their motorcycles up for this event, (they all live in Toronto, 90 minutes away) but was raining and cold yesterday.
Allen, Ken, Lennox, Suzie
and of course Omer
Suzie, Ken, Me,
and again Omer
         Well we had an awesome visit. So nice to see the kids, even meet a couple of his friends that I have heard so much about too. (Facebook be the culprit) When we can get caught up on all kinds of things. Don't get a chance to see them very often as everybody is busy and live in different areas. We shared stories, told jokes and kinda just had a great visit, then quickly a few hours were gone and they were ready to head back to the big city. But before they left had to give these guys from the big city a tour of the milking parlour, barn and chat with Dennis about the dairy cows. They found it very interesting and were amazed at how big these cows actually are. Now they are gone but we do keep in touch via email etc.. and will see him again next year.
        Now that's it for the day, Dennis and Sandy went for a big lunch with her parents so we are on our own for supper tonight. And I think a nice early supper for two of liver & onions, creamy whipped potatoes and peas, really just hit the spot. We both love liver so it is a nice treat for us.
yep its tasty
        After a fun day of visiting and learning how to use our new i-phone, its time to pack it in, think I would like to put my feet up and relax a bit.
        Thanks for the read and hope your day way a good as ours!

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  1. I think liver must be an acquired taste. Just have never been able to acquire it!! My folks loved it though. Good thing we don't all like the same stuff.

    1. Liver is one of those things you either love or hate, no in between.

  2. Family get togethers are wonderful! I'm a fan of liver and onions ... not many folks are I don't think but I like it!

  3. Oh man. I haven't had liver and onions in so long. I'm just about the only one in the family that really likes it though, so it doesn't get sought out too very often. One day.
    Omer sure likes to be in the thick of things. He'll be lost when you guys head south.

    1. He does enjoy company, that's for sure. The more the better.

  4. Nice pics and thanks for a great visit! I'm surprised how rested we look considering it was post Oktoberfest.

    1. You guys did very well, would have never know you had a late night/ early morning.


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