Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, October 21, 2012

All the way to Clarence New York 18 miles

 Where are we today ?
Clarence New York
         Wonedrful sunny and warm day, no rain and almost cloud free skies. The standard coffees, computing and walkabouts and chat with our neighbors.
so beautiful down by the ponds
Barb is burning up the rest of our firewood
        The other night my buddy John told me that Rite Aide Drug stores had  Old Vienna Beer on sale only $12.99 for 24 cans. Now I have not had OV for many years. Back in Ontario it costs $36.95 for 24 cans so yes its a great deal. I check and there is a Rite Aide store only 4 miles away (8 minutes) We have the time so I made a quick there to pick up a small supply.
Great beer
        After lunch we packed up, and lined up at the dump station for about 20 minutes. Not many sewer sites here but no problem we are used to that. Dry camping and staying with friends.
         After the dump station headed out to Bill and Barbs place in Clarence new York about an 20 minute drive. With Bill being a Buffalo Bills Football fan and us not really sports fans at all, they watched the game and I used their water hose to wash our coach. The roof was in real need of being cleaned.
only 18 miles today
Coach is clean now
        After cleaning we watched the end of the game (Buffalo lost :<() visited for a bit and then we all headed out to Luigis  Italian Restaurent for supper.
we all here all nine of us
excellent fresh baked garlic bread
Suzie had a huge Caesar salad we shared
Bill and Barb had a huge pizza and wings
Me, I had my fix of monster sized wings and fries, brought my own hot sauce
Suzie had a huge veal parmesan and pasta 
        We let me tell you, very reasonably priced, excellent food and huge portions. We took home enough food for tomorrow nights supper and then some!
        After this great time with our friends, their daughter, her boyfriend, their son and grandson, camping and hanging out at their house, great hospitality. And fun times together. Tomorrow we hit the road wandering further south in search of more sunshine and warmer temps.
        Thanks for stopping by today and hope you drop in again to see where we end up tomorrow, I don't really have a clue, I just drive this bus Suzie now, she tell me where to go.

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  1. Sounds like you had a real long travel day!! Enjoy the drive south ... no reason to hurry.

  2. Well there's something I haven't seen in a while. Chick peas. Or "garbanzo beans". Haven't been able to find them here in Europe. Ever.
    That's a lot of food, but at least taking it home with you is an option.

    1. For sure a lotta food, love leftovers too a meal on the road.

  3. As much as I dislike like washing vehicles anymore, it looks like I have no choice today. Like you, we ended up traveling on wet roads when we started out & the vehicles are quite a mess. When I can't see the Jeep through the rear view camera anymore, I know it's time to was the rig.....:))

    1. Yep its time, once we get to Arizona will be nice and dry.

  4. I thought they quit making OV's... guess not!

  5. always nice to have the coach cleaned up...makes me feel safe...we're heading out in the not too distant future...

    1. A nice clean coach is awesome. Travel safe soon!

  6. Good deal on the beer! Nice of your friends to share their driveway and hose. Yummy meals.

    1. They enjoy our company as we do theirs, always a good tme!

  7. That photo of the pond is a real beauty!!

    You guys look to have had a real feast!


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