Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A wonderful day of awesome scenery, thru the mountains

Where are we today ?
Our internet was not co-operating after supper last night, probably too busy, but first thing in the morning I can get things done.

                Just taking our time and on the road at 8:30am from the Walmart in Washington Pennsylvania  We headed off on a wonderful drive thru the mountains. Beautiful scenery and good roads.
289miles (465 kms)
first stop West Virginia Visitor center
a single car crash
         The roads are good and the mountains so scenic, steep grades up and down slows us down but we are in no hurry. The colors are gorgeous and the bugs just loving our windshield (as you can see in the pictures).
        As we were travelling along 1-19 we saw a few of these signs and not sure what its about lets check it out. So Suzie got on did an quick google search and here's what we come up with, if you care you can read all about it click here . They actually close the highway one day a year for a festival, called Bridge Day, that was last saturday.
         So of course we gotta check this bridge out. It is the The world's Longest Single Arch Steel Span Bridge and a very impressive site to see. Problem being when we pulled in there I missed the parking lot entrance and had to do something we have never done before in almost 7 years of fulltiming. We were in a spot where we had to disconnect our towed to turn around! Good thing we had the walkie talkies, was able to tell Rob and Pat to make the right turn.
Nice view of the bridge
876 feet to the river below
the view driving across the bridge
         After crossing the bridge we enjoyed travelling thru two runnels right thru the mountains instead of over them, love tunnels! One in West Virginia and the other in Virginia.
         Well we got to the Walmart we planned on staying at and guess what ? No overnight parking, even the visitor center across the road, the same. This was after 3 o'clock and we were ready to stop for the night. So plan B, cross the state line into Virginia, thru another tunnel and  we found another RV friendly Walmart in Wytheville, so lets stop here its 4:30 by now.

another mountain tunnel
settled in at Walmart
        A short Happy hour with Rob and Pat to discuss our plans and review the day. And discuss supper tonight. Well considering we had two nights free parking and the view out the windshield of our coach is this picture below. Guess what supper was. Yep we did Chinese, haven't had that for a long time.
Very tasty and reasonable 
        Then a short walk back home and into the Walmart to check out things, we enjoyed a wonderful "Walmart Sunset"
The "Walmart Sunset"
        The weather has been awesome for us and certainly, shorts, t-shirts and sandals for me. Close to 80f the last couple days. And windows open at night, no heat. 
        Glad you could drop in and see where we were and enjoy the day with us, it sure is fun here in the Blue Ridge mountains. Off to North Carolina Wednesday morning.

Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
View Winter 2012-1013 in a larger map


  1. Nice tunnels....WV is breath-taking!

  2. That weather is making me itch to get outta here. Nice pics, George. Safe travels. 15 days until we leave.

    1. Thanks Dee, we can't wait that long, enjoy..

  3. Looks like nature is giving you the perfect travelling weather with lots of Awesome sites. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I have started calling ahead at Walmart to see if they allow overnight parking. It's not the store it's usually the cities that have ordinances against it.

    1. We called the next one and no problem, we will probably do the same from now on.

  5. Superb sunset shot and love that bridge shot with the foliage. Nice to see you in short sleeve shirts and shorts. It is cool up here!

  6. Enjoyed your pic's. We drove down I-81 yesterday and it was the same, beautiful. We are staying in Knoxville a few days before heading on down to Cocoa Beach Fl for the winter.

    1. It is a beautiful drive glad you enjoyed!, Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Great pics! That bridge view is really something. Sure nice to see you getting warm weather. Those tunnels are neat too.


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