Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, August 05, 2011

Thurs. Aug. 4th, Puttering around...

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        Another beautiful sunrise this morning and its gonna be a hot day again. Just lovin it. Morning coffees, computing and walkabouts, and say good bye to our friends Rob and Pat after they packed up their trailer, and promise to keep in touch.
nice sunrise

        Think its a good day to putter around, so back to fiddling with our screen door, still not right, adjust and shim, finally it works better than new! Then clean up our barbie a bit, this Weber is so easy to clean as well as use. Now I got the vacuum out and worked on cleaning out some storage compartments, re-arrange, purge a bit and wash them down. Now I am thinking I need to check our house batteries. To do this I have to disconnect and remove them, then hose them and the tray down, top them up with distilled water, clean the terminals and reinstall. I do this two times year, they do require quite a bit if water with the hot weather and solar panel keeping them, fully charged.

        Ok enough puttering for the day time to relax in the shade with a book for a bit before preparing supper. A nice 3 lb chicken to go directly onto our preheated Weber grill turned down to med-low heat.
ready to roast
        Keep the lid closed and after about 50 minutes I check the temperature with my instant read thermometer, (almost done) and now add some mini potatoes shaken in olive oil and spice, then the last 10 minutes add similarly treated zucchini to the grill. So about 1 hr 20 mins on the grill we have very tasty easy to cook chicken dinner. Just like having our own rotisserie chicken dinner cooked at home. Have I said how much I love our Weber grill?
time to eat
Now supper all cleaned up we can relax outside with our books again until its too dark to read. Isn't summer time fantastic?
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  1. Yes summer is fantastic, good thing that you live it most of the year. Lovely sunrise shot. Enjoy your day.

  2. Contessa:
    Love having summer year round!

  3. Guess we got you sold on the Weber. Nice to see you're enjoying it as much as us. Good job on all the maintenance items. Nice to get them checked off the list.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Kevin and Ruth:
    Yes you sold us on the Weber, it the best grill I have ever owned and we notice lots of rver's have them as well.


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