Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Mon. Aug.8th, Clean up day

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        Another hot, sunny day but we have been here for two weeks and are get ready to move tomorrow. So after morning coffees, computing and walkabout I drove to Forest for a few grocery items then back home. Today we will do laundry, vacuum, shake the mats, check tire pressure, empty out waste tanks, roll up our patio mat, while its dry and then late afternoon roll up our awning as well. We like to pack up our outdoor stuff the night before departing so that we are not doing it in the rain or while it is wet in the morning.

        These chores are done at a leisurely pace in the hot humid weather, plus we have all day to get it done. In between these chores we managed to read in the shade with a snack and refreshment enjoying the hot summer weather.

        Eventually its time for supper, but tonight is a simple one, just fire up the barbie and grill a couple of large Oktoberfest sausage (we bought at the market on sunday), a fresh bakery bun with some spicy mustard, chips and celery/w cheese spread for a delicious treat.
tasty treat
        Then back outside to read, and eventually pack up our Weber Grill , put the lawn chairs away, and call it a night. In the morning we are on the road to Goderich Ontario until sunday morning then back to New Hamburg for a few days, to visit some family and friends.
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  1. We also do the outdoor clean up the night before..and like you at a leisurely pace..thats what retirement is all about I figure...we've been caught too many times in the past doing the outdoor the morning 'of' in the rain...we learn our lessons well :) travels

  2. Rick and Elaine:
    Yes we learned that to and of course last night and this morning is raining, Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I too like to pack the outside up stuff the day before for the same reasons...

  4. Heyduke50:
    We learn pretty quick that this works great!

  5. Same for us, pre pack the outside the night before. In the AM make the coffee, cut up some fruit to eat while on the road and ready to go....that is after having the girls do their business first! Safe travels today.

  6. Contessa:
    Yes it works wonderful doesn't it?


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