Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Sun. Aug. 14th Back at the farm

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       Sunday morning, sunny and warm after a good nights sleep at Suzie's sister's and brother in law Rose and Ross. They have lots of parking here even with the work trucks parked for the weekend.
parked in the left rear corner

       We had our morning coffees and when everyone was awake they had us come in the house and Ross proceeded to make us all a nice bacon and egg breakfast then we chatted a bit more, thanked them for a nice visit and wonderful food, then on the road to the farm 15 minutes away.
Ross hard at work
        We arrived at the farm and its pretty quiet here ,Suzie's brother and sister in law are on vacation for a week so we may not see them. Just their son and his wife come twice a day for chores and milking. But we did have Omer there guarding the farm and welcoming us home.
Omer waiting for Suzie
        We got set up and relaxed for a while, read our books in the shade and even puttered around a bit, checking out the gardens and really enjoying the very peaceful atmosphere at the farm, peace and quiet.
Suzie checking out the rock garden
        About 4:30 pm the winds picked up and we had thunder and lightening followed by a very heavy rainfall, really cooling off the outside temperature. So inside our coach we headed, Omer could not get in fast enough, for a big old, friendly farm dog he's really afraid on the thunder. Now here we are, all safe and sound watching the storm.
Omer is safe now
        Well it was just about time for supper tonight anyway so I pulled a rainy day meal out the freezer, some rolled ribs, (with dressing) that I had made some extra portions of back in July, with sauerkraut, boiled potatoes and cauliflower with cheese. A perfect meal for a rainy day.
tonight's tasty supper
        After supper it's still raining a bit so we stayed cozy relaxing inside with our books, Omer and then a sunday night movie on tv before calling it a night.
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  1. Nice change for you to have Ross doing the cooking. Poor Omer, he must have been so glad to have your company during the storm.

  2. Contessa:
    Yes nice that he made breakfast and even supper the night before we both really enjoyed it!

  3. Whiskey hates the thunder too! She trys to hide from it. Omer looks pretty happy to be inside with you.

    Kevin and Ruth


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