Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, August 08, 2011

Sun. Aug.7th Pinery Flea Market

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       Another wonderful sunny sunday morning and its gonna be a pretty nice day, maybe rain this afternoon. So after  morning coffees, walkabout, computing and wishing Mike, Trish and Jordan a safe journey to Michigan campgrounds, we hopped in the car off to the Pinery Antique Flea Market near Grand Bend. As a lot of you know is a favorite place for us to take a nice outing on sundays in the summer when we are in this area. The outdoor atmosphere in the woods, many new vendors (and a lot of regulars) always a nice way to spend a few hours.

        When we get there Suzie makes a bee-line to John's Books, the only book vendor here that does a book exchange. She had 14 paperbacks and he gave her 10 in exchange, that's a good deal.
Suzie at John's Books

        Then we stroll up and down the aisles in the shade checking out all the goodies. A small order of fresh cut fries to munch on, we picked up a supply of my extra hot pepperettes, sampled some sausage and kielbasa, listened to Brian Dale singing at the food court and just generally enjoyed the market as we always do.
Redneck Beer holder
always fun
        From here we decided to go towards Grand Bend and stop at the fish market for some fresh fish. Well the traffic was lined up for about 3 miles to turn onto the main drag of Town. Its not even the long weekend just a beautiful day.
long lineup
        We sat in line for a few minutes and edged our way along until we hit a side street that took us thru a subdivision of high end cottages to the river for Purdys Fish Market.
Purdy's a popular spot
by the river
dining on the river
across the river
       We came to the fish market for some fresh pickerel, our favorite, they were completely sold out. But there was some yellow perch fillets so we picked up a nice supply for tonight's supper.

       There was too much traffic to bother going downtown, but at least we got some fresh fish and headed back to the resort for some afternoon shade and a bit more reading. Shortly after 4pm the skies darkened with thunder and lightning and we enjoyed pretty heavy rainfall for a while under the shelter of our awning.
lotsa rain
rivers of water
       This rain freshened things up a bit and the temperature dropped making it almost cool. But now it's time to eat, so I got our camp stove out and panfried a very tasty supper of the yellow perch with a rice pilaf.  We bought enough for two meals so we can have another feast.
yummy perch and rice
        After supper was sunny again so we sat outside to read until it was too dark. At dark we went in side as usual (no electricity, power outage) but we have a power inverter and lots of battery power so we were able to watch a movie for a while until time to call it a night.
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  1. I think yesterday was a perfect day. Just love being here and enjoying it all.

  2. Contessa:
    Yes an absolutely perfect day to enjoy!

  3. Love the Redneck beer holder, priceless!

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Kevin and Ruth:
    The beer holder is rv friendly, it has more than one use!


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