Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tue. Aug. 9th To Goderich Ontario

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        Sure glad we packed up most of our outside stuff yesterday as it rained hard all night. So this morning we are not in a hurry, coffee and computing and let the rain let up. We are going to lake Huron Resort in Goderich Ontario another membership park only $9.00 a night with full hookups.

        It was a nice leisurely drive only 90 kms (54miles) a little more than and hour on hwy 21 close to the shores on Lake Huron.
today's journey

        Along hwy 21 we drove thru Grand Bend (party place on the beach) with no traffic compared to the very long lineups on sunday.
No traffic in Grand Bend today
nice roof
        Thru Grand Bend to Bayfield (lots of tea rooms and artists here) we followed a couple of rental rv's for a while enjoying the peaceful drive with very little traffic.
nice yachts at Bayfield
rental rvs
        Thru Goderich a couple of miles we arrived at the laneway into Lake Huron Resort a long drive thru a field to get to the shore of Lake Huron and the campground. Here we checked in and were directed to a nice large site and got ourselves set up, almost.
nice large site
        By almost set up I mean that all hooked up, setup, awnings open and satellite dish set up, but the leveling jacks would not deploy! It was a nice level site anyway but I checked it out. The small rocker switch that activates the jacks would not switch on, it was stuck. So took it apart a quick trip to town and picked up a new one, its a pretty generic inexpensive switch. Reinstalled and working fine.
rocker switch
        Well it was pretty hot doing all this work in the heat so now we can relax in the shade with a cool beverage and our books for a while. Have I told you we love summer? Then before we know its time to fire up the barbie and slow cook some pork ribs, sauerkraut, and potatoes, onions, carrots and mushrooms in foil for a very tasty supper.
        After supper outside to read a bit until its time to catch a sunset, a short stroll to a lookout over the lake. And sure enough the clouds moved just in time to give us a beautiful show.
just in time the clouds moved
and a boat floating past the sunset
        Now after a wonderful summer day, back home and soon call it a night. 
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  1. always nice to have an inexpensive fix on the RV... good looking ribs too by the way.

  2. always nice to have an inexpensive fix on the RV... good looking ribs too by the way.

  3. Heyduke50:
    Yes love those inexpensive fixes, the ribs were so tender, thanks

  4. Omgosh..those ribs and everything..Yum!..What more do we need really? Looking forward to reading your past and future post.

  5. ain't for city gals:
    Thanks for stopping by and joining our travels.

  6. Looks like another perfect site. Maybe you should write a book about all the perfect rv sites in Ontario.

  7. Contessa:
    All our sites are perfect (we have our own house anyway), and mostly membership ones as well so makes good sense to us. Writing the blog keeps me busy enough, and I have fun doing it too!

  8. Great looking site..looks like you had a gorgeous day for travel...and supper looked delicious.....

    enjoy your stay...
    (Rick tucker and lilly too)

  9. Rick and Elaine:
    Yes it was a nice travel day and a great site, we always enjoy this area, its been quite a few years.

  10. I liked the sunset with the boat! We often take our pontoon boat out after dinner into the bay in front of the house and drift fish while the sun goes down. It's a great life, isn't it?!

  11. Lou:
    Yes retirement is the best job I ever had!


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