Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mon. Aug. 23rd. to Point Pelee National Park

Join us as we travel North America in our 
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        Monday morning and another beautiful summer day. Coffees and computing then a walkabout stopped by John and Bills sites and we have a plan for today. Lets explore Point Pelee National Park.  So back home we go have a bite to eat and back to their place.
our site
        The seven of us and two dogs pile into their two trucks and down the road to the park entrance about 5 minutes away.
entrance to the park
       In thru the entrance and the scenic drive to the Visitor centre where we hopped on a tram to take us closer to the Point.
the tram
        Along another scenic trail in the tram we got off at the "Tip of Canada" and headed down a hiking trail to the tip.

42nd parallel
         It was a short trail maybe 1/2 mile that ended at the beach where we walked along the shores. To bad about the "Stable Flies". These look like large house flies that attach you and take large bites even drawing blood, not fun! But we did make it all the way along the beach to the tip what a beautiful site. Then we battled the flies back along the trails to the tram and back to the visitor centre, no more flies. From here along the road to the homestead and the Northwest beach.
nice beach
the tip
        This picture below shows where we are located out into Lake Erie with Cleveland Ohio almost across the lake.
where we are
        Now from here we headed back out of the park stopping at the lookout for the Marshland, and walking the floating boardwalk out thru the marsh.
        After here, a stop at northwest beach then back on home for some cool beverages.
nice beaches and no flies here
        After a great day and a beverage we back home for a bite, BBQ'd sausage and maple flavoured beans, then enjoy another campfire with the group.

        What a fantastic day!

More of todays pictures here

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  1. Hey, you're near Judy's place, she lives in Windsor now!

  2. you sure had a fantastic day to say the least...gorgeous the beach....
    take care

  3. ...because of its mild southerly climate.

    Yeah, right. Mild compared to the rest of Ontario maybe! Not mild enough for us!

  4. Lou:
    Sorry not visiting Judy.

    Rick and Elaine:
    Yes a great day and awesome beach.

    Kevin and Ruth:
    Yes agree with you, nice in the summer but still not mild enough the rest of the year.


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