Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wed.Aug 17th Wasps

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        Still sunny and warm weather today, gonna go to Waterloo and visit ma again. First stop is at Canadian Tire to purchase a new tire for our car. Last February we were in Benson Arizona and had to replace a rear tire because of a large nail that attacked it. So to balance the tire wear I picked up another new tire here (they are close to being replaced anyway). Our mastercard collects "Canadian tire money" for all purchases everywhere year round and we have a lot of this money accumulated. So a free tire is nice, and soon will get a couple more free tires as well.

        Once this was done on to ma's to putter around waiting for Marshalls Pest Control to arrive. Once here the service man identified the yellow jackets over the garage door and the paper wasps going into the soffit around the front door. He donned his protective suit and began the process taking care of the problem eliminating the visible nest and spraying a fine powder into the openings around the front door making them quite aggressive, so we will stay away from this area for a while and let the treatment work.
yellow jacket nest
paper wasps
        After this we had a bite to eat then I checked the the local Lowes for a new motion sensor to replace the one at the front of the house. Puttering around with this for a while and not happy with the one we purchased I returned it to the store, and back to the farm to do a bit more research on a suitable product. Of course the old one (12 years old) did the job perfectly but is no longer available. On the internet I eventually found one that would do the job, in Kitchener, will pick it up tomorrow.

        Then we arranged to meet my daughter and the boys for supper in Plattsville to check out the newly re-opened restaurant and celebrate Lincoln's 4th birthday with a tasty supper, a couple of gifts and chocolate cake.
tasty cake
         While we were having supper the restaurant was very busy and I bet every one that came in was people we all knew and have not seen for a while, lots of conversation and chatting going on, nice to see these people after so many years. Then its time for the guys to go home to bed and us return to the farm, watch the sunset on the porch with Omer and call it a night.
large red sun setting
Omer listening for critters
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  1. A free tire, hmmm! Must have spent a lot of money first over many years!

    We killed a paper wasp nest yesterday and now know what we should do about the ones going into the soffit holes thanks to you. Probably won't do anything about those though. Could they cause damage?

  2. Contessa:
    We live on the that card and get around 3-4 hundred dollars a year Cdn. Tire money.
    The wasps could do some damage I believe but will be gone after the first frost. Exterminator only cost $75.00 and guaranteed for the season.


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