Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sat. Aug 6th, Is it Hot ?

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        Sunshine and summertime, its supposed to be hot and I love it. It makes summertime fun and challenging, finding ways to cool down and be comfortable, sure beats trying to keep warm in the winter. Below is an example of our weather for this coming week and it's been like this for a while already.
forecast for this week

        Because its so humid it feels much warmer than it is, you can cut the air with a knife. The forecast shows that it feels like 36-38c (97-100f) thats pretty warm for most people. Especially those living in the cities surrounded by cement and tall buildings. These people live in air conditioning, but we find nicer ways to cool down. Relax, stay in the shade of the large trees, go for a swim, find a light breeze or create one, keep hydrated and don't overexert yourself. This makes for a great summer for us. Today I had a nice refreshing shower and trimmed my hair and beard, read a book in the shade and enjoyed the day. Working people relax here on saturday, so will we. Of course there is lots of other ways to cool down, for example this British bulldog below found a nice cool spot.
"awe so refreshing"
        About mid afternoon Mike and Trish dropped by for a visit and chat for a while (happy hour). They are heading out in the morning to Michigan for a few days to explore on Mikes days off. I know they will have fun.

        Then its about time to fire up the Weber to start supper. Tonight its a baked potato, sautéed mushrooms and onions, grilled red pepper and a juicy prime rib steak. Just enough to satisfy our appetites on this great summer day.
saturday night supper
        After supper we can enjoy the great outdoors watching the wagon rides and reading our books until its  too dark to read then, we will call it a night with a bit of a movie on tv.
fun wagon rides
        Thats how we enjoy the hot summer days, so many people come  camping, complain about the heat, turn on their air conditioners and sit inside their rv's watching tv in a campground, why go camping? Even thou we are fulltime we still enjoy the outdoors and fresh air everyday.
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  1. great pics...loving your weather send some here to the east coast of canada...your supper pics made me hungry..looks divine...
    love the fellow...

  2. We totally agree with you. People complain all winter long because it's too cold and when summer arrives they complain because it is too hot. We love the heat too and find it a lot more fun thinking of ways to keep cool. Love the picture of the dog, he's found a way to cool off.

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. Contessa:
    He not a wiener but he's cute!

    Rick and Elaine:
    We are sending the weather east after we have used up all the heat.

    Kevin and Ruth:
    We agree completely, and if I have to be like the dog to cool down, so be it!


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