Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mon. Aug 15th Visit Mom on Monday

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        After last nights rain the sun shone this morning and warmed things up quite nicely. After coffees and computing I headed off to Waterloo to run a few errands and visit mother. When I arrived she was playing with a neighbour Joanne's dog on her font porch.
Mom and Lilly
        We chatted and enjoyed a coffee then I puttered around doing a few minor chores, and inspected a problem with wasps on her front porch that are getting thru the small gaps between the aluminum soffit and brick wall into the attic. After watching the large numbers of these guys and their various different entry points we decided it be best to call an exterminator to hopefully get the job done. They will be there Wednesday morning.

        After a nice visit I headed back to the farm stopping in New Hamburg for a few grocery items then home to relax and read in the shade for a while, before firing up the barbie to grill a couple of salmon fillets for supper with a rice pilaf and so tasty beefsteak tomato slices.
        After supper it was still nice, but a bit cool in the shade so we sat on the front porch of the house, with Omer, in the sun to read a bit more, watch the cows grazing in the creek and wait for the sun to set.
cows in the creek
Omer here too
a nice sunset into the tree line
        Then too dark to read so inside for a bit of tv, (Omer watched tv too), then tie him outside our door for the night to guard our house.
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