Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wed. Aug 10th, Canada's Prettiest Town

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        Well here we are in Goderich Ontario, its been quite a few years since we have been here but not much has changed. This membership park had changed hands for a few years and did not allow rigs over 30 ft long, but has since changed allowing us access again. Goderich is billed as Canada's Prettiest town and it could very well be. The Port of Goderich is an active working port mainly for loading ships with salt from the Sifto Canada salt mines under the harbour extending 5 kms (3.1miles) under Lake Huron, it is the largest salt mine in the world.
Lake Huron Resort

        We had a heavy rain overnight, the weather has cooled down and we have a very strong west wind coming across the lake.
windy and wavy
        Being its cooler today and overcast its a good time to tour about the local area a bit. Lets start with Lakeside fleamarket next to the resort. Lots of overpriced stuff here but still interesting to browse thru.
flea market
not much has changed here
Blue Mountain Pottery
        After the market we headed into town and check out the harbor first to see if anything is happening here.
        We got lucky there is a huge freighter getting ready to dock at the pier.
large  freighter
we got closer
        It is the Peter R. Cresswell 730 feet long and was launched on Apr. 26th 1982. In port here to get a load of salt from the salt mines.
cool elevator
getting into position
tug boat working at it
working hard
        According to the hands on deck they will be docked here for 8 to 12 hours taking on a full load of salt. This was an interesting time watching how they maneuver  such a huge vessel  around the harbor and into place.
huge ship
        After this fun experience we went around the harbor  thru town and down to the beach.  
huge waves
the beach
lifeguards on the beach
        With the strong cool winds and huge waves not many people in the water, but we did find two people and a kite surfer having a lot of fun.
a kite surfer and two swimmers
        More people at the snack bar than on the beach.
snack bar on the beach
        From here back up the hill to stop at the bakery and check things out, very busy place so we did not buy anything today. I guess they have a very good business as they are only open Tues to Sat, and for only two months of the year (July and August). The centre of town is a huge "square"  with the court house in the centre, and a three lane road that keeps you going round and round until you pick one of the many streets that radiate off in different directions.
Culberts Bakery
        After circling the "square" a few times we picked a road (the right one) that took us a few blocks away to a grocery store where we picked up a few items. Then returned back home to site in the sun for a while (its a cool breeze today) with our books. Eventually time for supper, and for a change I made a pot of spaghetti sauce with noodles, a baguette with veggies and dip. 
tasty supper
        Now after supper its still nice out so we  can read a bit more while we wait for time to catch the sunset again. So a different lookout tonight, with a couple of benches to watch another nice sunset. And even chatted with a couple of seasonal campers here that knew quite a few people from the village of Plattsville (population 800), where I had lived for 25 years., such a small world.
another peaceful sunset
        Another enjoyable fun filled, busy day just passed us by gotta love it! 
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  1. Lovely area. Thanks for the beach photos.

  2. Contessa:
    Your welcome, we do love this area.

  3. I like the pictures of the ship, reminds me of the shipyards in Collingwood where we used to go and watch the new ships being launched. In hindsight, that was a pretty special experience that not many people get to have.

  4. Lou:
    Yes the Collingwood shipyards were great, that was in the 50's and 60's long time ago!


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