Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sat. Aug 20th. Plattsville likes to party!

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        Wow what a busy day, lotsa fun!

        Up early this morning coffees and computing. Had an email from mother that her motion sensor light, I installed the other day was not working properly. So a quick trip to Waterloo and check it out. At 8:00am the traffic on hwy 7/8 was backed up quite a distance, at least one mile, all heading into the New Hamburg fairgrounds for  Moparfest (Canada's Largest All Mopar Car show) with almost 1,600 Chrysler product vehicles in attendance. We have been many times, but no time this year.
lotsa traffic
        At mothers I checked out the sensor light and it was not responding properly. So I returned it to the Home Depot and exchanged for another (last one in the store). Back to ma's reinstalled this one and more problems. So take it back to the store get a refund and reinstalled a regular light switch, back to the drawing board.

        Now back to the farm and finish securing our coach, a bite to eat and a shower and into Plattsville for Cass and Aarons' BBQ. This is a co-ed baby shower for the daughter and son-in-law of Lea and John. Same place we went for the Canada Day Party.
This is the place
        Here we parked our coach about 1:30pm set up and checked out the happenings. Its a nice warm day but overcast. There is a nice 115 lb pig on the spit roasting quite nicely.
pig is looking good
        We just walked about chatting and socializing. Watching the kids playing in the pool, the band setting up and everybody (including lots of friendly dogs) just enjoying another summer social event.
poolside fun
        Not your typical baby shower but certainly and good time. Gift opening and all that stuff then the weather was threatening more rain around 5 pm. A couple of shelters were moved into place to attempt to keep the band dry (they were excellent). But finally shortly after 6 the food was ready people began to eat and the band had to quit and pack up in the rain.

        Finally about 7:30 still raining hard we went to our house to relax for a it and dry out. Then we have another party to go to.
Buck and Doe
        Starting 8 pm at the Plattsville Arena is a Buck and Doe for Rick and Dana. Dana figure skated with my daughter Jessica for many years and she even came camping with us a few times building sandcastles on the beaches. So we have to go to this function as well. The arena is the perfect party place, the ice is taken out in the summer for a while. So many people (hundreds) coming and going, chatting dancing. A lot of these people I have not seen much for about 15 years or so when they were 8 to 10 years old. They knew us, but now all growed up. Such a great time seeing all the people, and familiar faces everybody seems to be getting older, even us! From 1989 to 1999 we were very active in town with the Optimist Club, Figure Skating, and the Restaurant (Jessie's Diner), involved with dances and cars shows etc.
Hanging out around the bar
        A nice surprise daughter Jessie and friends were there to celebrate and see a lot of people she had not seen for quite a long time as well. Gotta love these large parties in small towns, almost like a huge family reunion in the party mode. Well we had  a great time today, celebrating the beginning of a new relations and the birth of a new life, (best wishes everybody) a lot busier than we are used to but would not have missed it for the world. Finally a couple of blocks back home to crash, we are on the road to Leamington in the morning.

        Plattsville has not forgotten how to have some great parties!

Lots of pictures from today

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