Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, December 01, 2019

Sunday, Dec. 1st

Where are we today? 
Stratford, Ontario

This morning about 7:30 the freezing rain started. As George and had discussed last night, I was staying home. I don't mind driving in snow, but freezing rain is a definite NO. We talked first thing this morning and he was good. He would rather have me stay home than drive in freezing rain.

So, I decided to see what I could do about some re-organizing here at home. The den has been a catch all. I barely had a path to get into it.

About 10:30 I received the following picture. I knew then that he was in his wheelchair and moving around. He had a device around his neck, so that if he ran into trouble, he could push a button and someone would come to him. Needless to say, I was very surprised to see the picture. He took from his phone and texted it to me. Didn't know he could do that.

 While he was in the kitchen area, he asked if he could get bacon, eggs & home fries. Sure they said and that someone would take it to his room. But he wanted to eat it in the dining room. He ate everything.
 Picture showing the weather outside.
 This window in his room was covered in ice. It must have been facing east as that is where the storm was coming from.

I continued to putter around. I actually was able to empty 4 boxes. Just a bit of re-organizing. I had a lot of stuff in the living room area. Boxes every where. Figured out some pictures that eventually I know we will want on the walls.

About 1:20, Gail texted me and wanted to know if I wanted a ride to see George. Their vehicle was cleaned off. Ours was covered in ice and I couldn't get the drives door open. Of course, the drivers door was to the east. About 1/2 hour later, Randy & Gail picked me up. I didn't even let George know we where coming. I made good of that time and put stuff back in the den. Now I can at least see stuff better.

As I was leaving, I got a phone call from daughter #2. She was wondering if I wanted to go see George, but Randy and Gail beat her to it. She also said that her Dad wanted her to pick up stuff from me. I bought him new slippers, better than the ones he had for walking on the floors. I already had everything he wanted packed up and on the way to Randy & Gail's vehicle. She and her boyfriend were just going for a drive. I guess they didn't want to be house bound.
 They brought their dog, Stella along with them. I got a dogie fix.

 Randy & Gail stayed for a bit and even offered to come back and pick me up and take me home. So nice to have friends that live in the same town. Daughter #2 offered to bring me home.

 This was posted outside George's room to let people know that a dog was in the room.
 About 5 pm we noticed that George was getting tired. It was great to have family and friends stop by. I'm sure it made his day shorter.

Daughter #2, boyfriend, grand daughter #3 and myself went out for supper. George is going to be so envious that he wasn't there. We went to Annie's Diner and I had fish and chips. What a great place to go. Sorry Geo, that you missed it, but when you get home, we will both go.

Got a picture of grand daughter #3 kissing her father. So cute she is.

When they dropped me back home, he got the drivers door open. I turned the car on to help get the ice off the car. He made a great suggestion, that being as I have 2 scrapers, I should keep one in the apartment. I had just bought a new one. He couldn't believe the amount of ice on the drivers side of the door. It looked to be almost a 1/4 inch thick. The passenger side had hardly any ice.

After they left, I continued to get ice off the car. I think the roof is the only place I couldn't reach. I'm a little to short for that. Hopefully it will melt soon.

Productive day for me and George again was in his wheel chair for about 3 hours.

So, overall, another great day for us.

One Day At A Time


  1. That was a nasty old day! George is getting up and about. He must be feeling better eh. I expect to hear he's standing in the kitchen rattling those pots and pans one of these days. You take care Suzie.

  2. So good to hear you are both having good days, George is doing so much better!

  3. Great to hear you are having good days ��

  4. You guys are rocking it each day seems to be getting better Love to see good days even in nasty's like sunshine of blessings. �� your doggie fix too �� XOXO Dorothy Martin

  5. A great day for all with visitors and family, and some independence. Thanks Suzie!

  6. Wow! A good day for all! George, it looks like your appetite is back. Good on ya! Be careful driving with the ice and cold weather.

  7. Awesome!! A granddaughter AND a doggie fix!! Great to see George taking pics again. Thanks Suzie. Be careful driving. I can’t believe the ice!!!

  8. So nice to get a ride. I don't drive on ice either. Sounds like George is feeling better. That's great. Hope he gets to go home soon. Glad to see you getting back into a routine.

  9. Another wonderful day for all so happy. Glad you got a ride so you didn't have to drive. Such wonderful friends and family to be there to help and assist. Many Blessings coming your way Suzie and George

  10. How wonderful it is to see that George is taking pictures and touring around in his chair on his own. Soon, he will be suggesting they buy a Weber Q! Glad you had transportation to and from the Hospice to see George. i'm sure he was thrilled to see you and the family.
    Good on you both!

  11. What a great post. How wonderful George is up and moving around in his wheel chair and it certainly sounds like he has his appetite back. I do not blame you for not wanting to drive in ice. I would rather drive in snow any day. Sounds like a really good day. The picture of your granddaughter kissing her dad, precious. Take care. You both continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

  12. That is wonderful George that you are able to get around in a wheel chair, and breakfast looked yummy. It sounds like you have a great support system Suzie and I'm sure you will feel better after having some time to get organized a little more in the apartment.

  13. Nice that Friends and Family were making certain you could visit with George even with the Icy Weather outside. Glad George is feeling well enough to eat a good meal.

    It's about time.

  14. Even the bad weather could not dampen this wonderful day. Glad to hear George got his appetite back, I am envious of his breakfast it looks delicious.

    You are so blessed to have a good support system in family and friends. Take care of yourself, glad you also had a good meal to keep your energy up.

  15. It was a wonderful day full of surpirizes so nice tot see every one agian and fhe fixes. Glad that they talkd you into fish and chips. they look awesome can't wait to go. Andun faring hear doo a good thing as well.

  16. Nice that you are up and about George, it always gives one a boost to be able to get around. A roll about, I suppose instead of your usual Walk about. How very nice that family still could make the drive for a visit in such winter weather. Keep smiling!!!

  17. Sure feels good to get outing about. Thanks guys

  18. So nice to see you up and about! Breakfast looks yummy, makes me hungry just looking at it! So nice that family came to take you over to visit George and that more offered! :) I love the Furry Family sign! That ice is so bad, glad you didn't drive in it Suzie. Love that George was able to send you the pictures!

  19. I was hoping that someone would offer to drive you to the hospital. How perfect! Great news on George doing another rollabout on his own. He must be getting stronger and the food is helping in the energy levels. I think it rather fitting that George is being catered to, just as he fed so many others over the years. Glad you car in now unstuck. Stay stay on the roads and you George in the halls ;)

  20. Good to see you out and about on a Rollabout with your camera George. Certainly looks like that place your staying at is agreeing with you. Keep pluggin:))

    1. Thanks all is a a great place using y phone Camera so Suzie ca post a few pics , works better for her.

  21. So great to see you both had such a good day!! How neat that George was out riding his chair through the halls taking pictures. Im glad he's feeling better and eating well.


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