Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Last day here enjoying the warm sun and happy hour with friends.

Where are we today ?
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     I did it again slept in until 5 am wow, I was impressed. No fog this morning just warm and  a nice sunrise happening. I got a good walkabout down by the hot springs, Tuesday mornings it is drained, cleaned pressure washed and santized by volunteers.  By 10 am is usually operational again.
this morning's sunrise from our dining room window
the sun reflecting in the lagoon
these volunteers do an amazing job here
         About 8:30 this morning we went to El Centro for a few items and Suzie even came along , wow!! She was looking for a particular pair of pants but neither Walmart nor Target had the size she wanted. I found some new Jeans that I like at Target, and they had the exact size I wanted, so I bought 2 pair. I have one larger pair of Jeans to go away and one pair that will be made into cutoffs that I like, 2 in 2 out that is how  we maintain our space.
heading to El Centro
         Back home by 11am and enjoyed a light tasty lunch, Then a cruise around the area for a bit and enjoyed some reading outside in the shade, what another perfect weather day. After I bit I checked our tires and oil, disconnected and stored our Weber Q, secured our solar panel, getting ready to head out in the morning. Nice to get this done now, no rush in the morning.
Roland heading out for a cruise today
Lori right behind him

Roland and Lori back home for Happy Hour
          Then 3:30 our final happy hour this visit with our good friends here and home to whip up supper.  A show that Suzie wants to watch at 5 pm here. For tonight we used up some more of our ham going to make a Ham Tetrazzini. Simple recipe I found on the internet .Basically cooked some spaghetti, and sautéed  some onions, and a couple of mushrooms, cream of mushroom soup a cup or so go diced ham and 1/2 a cup of shredded cheddar cheese. With the noodles cooked I mixed them in with the sauce cheese and ham, and plated, sprinkles of parsley for color and a small side salad. A quick easy and very tasty way to use up some more of our ham.
another fun happy hour with these guys
Don and Alines' trailer, they have lotsa solar
and lithium batteries, lotsa power
Cody came by to visit such a friendly dog he is
      We headed home at 4:30 and caught another nice sunset while I whipped up supper.
       Nothing quite compares to these desert sunsets.
ham tetrazzini and a salad sure was tasty
        That was our last day here with good friends, and enjoying this area and our time with them
, Gonna head out in the morning , not too far just another quiet place to hang out.
       Glad that y'all dropped on by one hope you enjoyed some wonderful weather wherever you may be.
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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Safe Travels in the morning! Trust you'll have another beautiful sunrise to get the day started.

    1. Thanks Jeff I the chances of that are pretty good.

  2. You have had great weather there hope your next stop is just as wonderful. Safe Travels

    1. Yes JO thanks, we have had wonderful weather, no complaints here at all. We enjoy the weather no matter what it os as long as we have no snow.

  3. They do a good job of cleaning don't they. Safe Travels tomorrow.

    1. They sure do a wonderful job of cleaning the area.

  4. Interesting that they drain and clean it once a week. I had assumed it was a hole in the ground with decking around it, that filled from the hot spring. I am for sure going to have to check it out now. Safe travels and looking forward to your next stop.

    1. It is worth checking out , Is a cement pool, to soak in very hot, then a shallow one less hot, the pip that fills it is also the shower, nice and hit.
      We always look forward to our next stop.

  5. See that's why you get the brownie points. I never would have thought to make HAM tetrazzini. I thought you always used turkey!! Looks delicious!

    1. LOL thanks Nancy..
      So many things you can do with leftovers, and this dish was very tasty. And so simple.

  6. A nice last day there for sure. A little melted colby on that supper would have added some nice colour as well.
    Safe travels!!

    1. It was a nice day we enjoyed our time here, I mixed these in with the sauce and did nit have any colby though.

  7. Don does have a lot of solar!! Nice sunset.


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