Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The garbage was cleaned up with volunteers, and a fellow blogger came to visit

Where are we today ? 
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        Very mild again last night and no rain. And a nice sunrise happening, Looks to be a pretty decent day, No rain in the forecast is always a good sign. I made an early drive about then town while it was nice and quiet.
a nice way to start the day
      Then home for a nice walkabout the area for a couple of miles. A bit later we enjoyed the last of our turkey soup for lunch and then I cruised around town a bit more checking out some new vendors here and there.
lots of areas to enjoy here and not too
crowded unless you want be
         On the way out after lunch  I noticed most of the garbage was gone! A couple of ladies were making signs telling people where to take their garbage, north of town to the landfill site or transfer station. The one lady had told me that 300 volunteer campers here all pitched in with their pick up trucks and hauled it off to the landfill. Amazing how these campers can pull together when called upon. Had I know I would have been there to lend a hand as well. even though we only have a car. As I was leaving a dump trick and loader arrived, to clean up the mess, Ooops they were to late for the party. Now the bins are ripped off with yellow tape and signs advising people to put their trash in the dump truck or the big rolloff bin or take to the landfill.
the volunteers cleaned up the garbage mess
much better now
these guys arrive too late, the campers too care of it
        On my drive about town I stopped by the Oasis Book store to check out Paul Winers Music hall . The book store still open and he is doing some concerts here, a nice set up 50 seats for a cozy  fun show.
a nice setup here
lotsa books still here as well
    Then down Main street to check out the NEW K&B tool store they opened only 45 days ago, a very nice setup.
nice and clean well set up and a bright new building
then next store ken's Grocery outlet,
 some deals can be had here too
          On my way back I also noticed the water and dump station are now closed from 6pm till 6 am to allow the water tank to recharge like they do most years at this time.
        One area that is taken over by a bunch of rv;s every year surrounding this lady here in her tent
she will not be comfortable here for a week or so
garbage area closed with directions of where to go
        Back home to relax for a while reading our page turners. Now Rob has the hood open on his truck, Now that will bring every one out to see what's happening. Not much but we chatted for a while.
gotta see what he is doing
       Now about 3 pm we had a fellow blogger friend drop in for a visit we have been following for quite a while Nancy Kissack of Kissack's Adventures  what a fun lady to chat with and folllow and we enjoy following her adventures and travels. She is a real character. Lots of interesting conversation going on here all around our group.
a rather interesting group of good friends
    The weather was pretty decent and we had some sunshine for a while during happy hour , then by 5 pm we all headed on home to enjoy our own dinners. Did get to about 72 F at some point, I know I had my shorts and t-shirt on for happy hour.
        Back home whip up supper. Tonight a boneless skinless chicken breast on our grill mat with this Bourbon BBQ sauce that we have come to enjoy thanks to Deb.
not long on the grill mat,
keeps the grill clean
     Saw this while cooking we got to enjoy another nice desert sunset.
looking east the sunset on the mountains
that was it for the sunset, perfect timing the chicken was done
       We added this very tasty chicken to our salad and enjoyed another wonderful supper.
we split this huge chicken breast
so tasty and moist
    Thanks for taking the time for a visit and hope y'all had a great day as well.
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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. Kudos to all those volunteers. Good for them.

    How do you clean up your BBQ mat?

    1. Rv'ers are wonderful people.
      To clean the BBQ mat I take it off the grill with the food and pout it in the sink right away and rinse with water, When doing dishes justas it down cleans up very nicely

  2. Nothing like a committed group of RV'ers to take care of a problem! Good to hear they didn't have to close down the BLM land to camping.

    1. These people know how to take care of things and cleaned up the mess.

  3. What a wonderful thing for all those volunteers to get that place cleaned up. I kept thinking of a real rodent problem and javalina wripping up all that garbage maybe even the coyotes to that would be so unsafe. They did a fantastic job

    1. Yes they sure did a wonderful job. Otherwise the wild life , like you said would have been a problem

  4. Yay for the volunteers! I had a wonderful time yakking with y'all! Your dinner looks as good as that sunset did!!

    1. Yes it nice that they call all take car on things. Dinner was tasty and another wonderful sunset.
      It was vey nice catching up with you again and actually spend some time chatting with everyone.

  5. Picking up the trash is another good example of the quality folks who do RVing.

  6. Beautiful sunrise to start the day. That's so great the volunteers got together and took all that here's hoping people actually follow through and take the trash out! I know most will, but you never know about others. What a great happy hour there! We sure are missing y'all! Beautiful sunset too!

    1. Thanks guys it was a very nice day, a bit cloudy with a slight breeze, But sure a heck of a lot better than back home.
      The garbage bins have been emptied early this morning so we good to go for a while again.
      Really love these desert skies.

  7. Nice sunrise and sunset to bookend a great day! Kudos to the organizers and volunteers to do what was needed for the rally.

    1. Thanks Jeff nothing like these desert views and the wonderful people who spend there time here as well, Keeping this area clean for us all.

  8. We had the same kind of sunset, stunning wasn't it?
    Amazing job the volunteers did. Kudos to them for their efforts and time. I would have enjoyed the looks on the faces of the folks that came too late to the party.
    Glad you enjoy the BBQ sauce. We leave the grill mat on the grill with the lid up until it cools and then simply wash it with soapy water and rinse well when we do the dishes.
    Nice happy hour crowd!

    1. These sunsets are amazing for sure. The volunteers sure pulled it together quickly..
      We dod love that BBQ sauce thanks for telling us about it, now to find some more.
      We have cleaned the mat that way as well. But find it cleans even easier taking right off the grill and a quick rinse.
      The crowds was big and fun. today

  9. Kudos to the volunteer garbage men (and women). Nice that so many folks stepped up to help out. :c)


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