Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, January 06, 2019

A very nice sunny day, soak in the Hot springs and memories of Ma,

Where are we today ?
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       We did get some more rain overnight for a while , and a nice 48F when I git up at 4:30 this morning . Got some coffees consumed and started boiling yesterdays ham bone to begin making a nice big pot of Hurst's 15 Bean Soup that we love.
      As the sun was rising I got out for a nice morning walkabout and noticed the early morning fog mixed in with the sunrise. but did not take long for the fog to burn off.
interesting sunrise once the fog lifted was a great day
            Part of my walkabout down by the Hot Springs just because they are so close and scenic. Really love this area.
the hots springs are always busy here, why not they are free
       I bought these beans with the Cajun spice by mistake and did not think Suzie would like it so before I added the spice pack I  set some aside in another pot. Then time for a lunch sample, as predicted she did not like the Cajun spice, but I loved it, glad I split it.
      Once the broth was made , I took the excess meat from the bone added more water and put the beans on to the Quick Cook , let them simmer for 70 minutes add the rest of the ingredients then another 45 minutes done. Oh and is smells so wonderful in here with that aroma floating in the air.
I missed the Cajun sign because I did not know any better
now I know.
small pot for Suzie large for me with the spices
I will enjoy this soup
a very nice tasty lunch it was
       Now after lunch another walk about for a bit then cruised in the car to the other side one the Interstate to check out more of the LTVA camping. Not many rigs there and some very nice secluded sites if you like.
this quiet area gores a long way
back only a few rv's here
         Back home reading outside in the afternoon shade was very nice, just a slight cool breeze but that was just fine. Nice to see the sunshine back again.
    About 2 pm California time I went over to the Hot Springs for a very nice very nice long hot shower and soak in the tub, again very hot and up to my neck, loving this. 5 minutes in the tub I was done,  red like a lobster, man that felt good.
hot shower and hot tub here is amazing
         Soon time for the 3:30 Happy Hour, my donation to snack today is crackers , cheese and ham of course.
snack for all to enjoy and they did
          Happy hour today was in Lori and Roland's 5er toy hauler. Just because all the chairs were moved there and the ladies had just finished making about a million perogies.
they have this toy hauler for their Bikes
the guys enjoying solving all the
worlds problems back here
in the garage
and the ladies in the den
     Soon it was time to head home for supper, , we enjoyed another desert sunset,  supper tonight will be cooked inside, just because I can, Reheating some ham and bean soup and a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.
another nice sunset here
we do love the desert
grilled ham and cheese nice and easy
now a nice treat that we both enjoyed
and sure hit the spot tonight 
    It was just 2 years ago today that we found out my mother had passed away back home in Ontario Canada, So we made  arrangements to get back there asap.
Memories of my mother
miss you Ma 
      This was another wonderful day here in southern Cal, enjoying the warm sunshine, tasty food and visiting with good friends. Yup we having fun like always.
      Thanks again for dropping in by
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 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. It was sure nice of the sun to show up for you all today. Hot springs were crowded

    1. The sun was wonderful today, and yes the hot springs are busy every day. Even at 6 am.

  2. I'd be OK if mothers would last forever. Fran and I buried our mothers within a few weeks of each other. Certainly not our bet year,but it does make for some very sharp memories. Trust your memories are also fond and remain with you.
    Do not remember the last time we had grilled cheese!, We do have the occasional quesadilla - does that count?

    1. So many memories that will be with us forever. I think quesadilla would count it is basically the same thing right?

  3. Yes, I remember when you lost your mother. We were at Hot Springs, too and one minute you were there and the next you were gone.

    1. That's right you and Mike were here with us, and Gerry, Melinda and Tucker we headed back to Q, store the coach and fly home. Gerry ran out of gas on the way following us too.

  4. Soup and a grilled sandwich is hard to beat on a cool day.

    1. It was not that cool , but sure was a tasty supper.

  5. It was a nice sunny day here too. The hot springs were sure crowded, looks like all men in the rub a dub tub. :)

    1. A very nice day indeed, no complaints here at all.
      It was busier earlier , there was actually 2 women in the tub and 2 having a shower. A large family had just left.

  6. I agree the tub looked crowded. It was a very nice day after a shaky start.
    Memories are ours to keep, you were lucky to have her in your life for so long.
    Looks like a good crowd to solve the world issues. Lots of knowledge in that bunch I'm sure. Glad you had a good day George.

    1. The tub was nice thought to get a good hot shower and soak here in the desert, so relaxing .
      The memories we have are all that is left. This bunch are very knowledgeable, We have learned a lot from these guys over the years, most have been living this lifestyle for a very long time and the one couple almost 20 years full-time.

  7. Your Mom will always be in your heart and memories. Nice that you can take advantage of all that hot water. Looks like a fun RV your friends have, certainly lots of space.

    1. Yes she will, that's for sure. The hot water is nice, fill up jugs for dishes, endless hot showers and soaking is wonderful. Their toy hauler sure comes in handy and great to haul their motorcycles too.

  8. After that soak in the hot tub, I bet you were being careful not to run into anyone carrying a pot of melted butter! :cD

    1. Yes I was very lucky it could have been nasty for me.


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