Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Car fixed and the weather is almost good?

Where are we today ?
         Today started with a wonderful moonset, kinda like a sunset but the moon was setting outside our dinette window to the west. Gonna be a nice day, I think. 
        So a trip to town and putter around waiting the hear about our car. At noon we headed into New Hamburg have a few things to do. Passed by Hillcrest motors and our car was just pulled out of the shop. So there ya go, we stopped and picked it up . Oh, but had to pay the bill first. The problem was the passloc sensor, (security), ignition cylinder, housing, labor, tax and towing total $598.00. Towing was discounted to $75.00. Really not too bad considering we have never had any real repairs on this vehicle in 11 years. Just tires, 1 brake job, and one battery with about 250,000 kms (155,000 miles). Now working good again, we happy! I dropped Suzie at her Mom and Dads' (fix the computer) while I picked up a few groceries in town.
         Then a trip to Stratford (the scene of the crime, were the car broke down). Exchange some clothes I bought the other day. Can't believe that extra large does not fit me it was skin tight! So refunds and got xxlarge shirts and way too big!!! Not sure how these are sized but I usually can wear, med, large or xtra large, never a xxlarge before. Guess depends on the country they are made in. 
        Now while we were in the store in Stratford it snowed! Could not even see across the street for ten minutes. Then suddenly it stopped, we headed out and no snow on the ground just lotsa water, good thing it was pretty mild.
          OK back home put our stuff away and peel some potatoes for supper, whip up a tossed salad and frozen veggies to add the the roast beef that Sandy popped on the oven.
          While we are doing this the skies get dark, wind picked up and we are getting hail!
dark skies
hail on the porch
hail on the steps of our coach
        When Dennis is done chores supper is ready around 6:45, mashed the taters, Sandy thickened the gravy, served up the veggies and salad add my very special xtra hot horseradish and it is a wonderful Roast beef dinner. No Yorkshire pudding tonight, need to be wheat free for Dennis.
its been while since we had a good roast beef dinner
        Now we had a wonderful day , got our car back, not too cold, ran some errands and had a very tasty supper with excellent hosts. Does it get much better ? Think not!
        Thanks for stopping in for a peak, one more busy day here then we run away for almost two weeks!
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  1. I hope we have the same kind of luck with our car as you have had with yours.

  2. Hail? We are getting tons of rain. And I saw some of the blogs are still getting snow. Boy the weather just doesn't want to settle down does it?
    Glad you got your car fixed and your roast dinner looks great.

    1. Yes it is pretty screwy weather most everywhere.

  3. Sounds like you have a gem of a car and it's ready to go again. Hopefully, you'll be pulling it behind you for many more miles.

  4. Good to hear the car didn't put you in the poor house.

    Funny you mention sizes. Paul was just complaining about that a few days ago. He tried on a pair of jeans his regular size and they were too big. He was thrilled but said the sizing thing is getting out of hand.

    1. We got lucky with the car.
      Yes sizing is weird lately.

  5. Glad you're car is back and running again. There's nothing like a roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy dinner on a cold day - it looked great.

  6. Wow....lucky break with the car repair. Good for you. Great moonset shot. What's with the snow and hail?


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