Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, April 08, 2013

A vist to the Bicycle Museum of America.

Where are we today ?
        Very mild again this morning and walkabouts after coffee's and computing, but its kinda overcast. Just as the forecast told us. But no problem we have a plan.
lotsa robins here today
        Today we taking a short drive to New Bremen Ohio and check out the Bicycle Museum of America we were not sure what to expect but sounds interesting. Had an early lunch and headed out about 10.45 am suppose to open at 11 am, only a twenty minute drive to the small town. Took a lot of pictures and only posted a few (too many I think) but so interesting I just had to share.
on the left of this building is the museum
         We enter the museum and paid our $2.00 admission fee (for seniors) that is actually donated to town for local improvements.
         A short orientation and 15 minute video then we were directed to begin our tour. Mostly guided from the very helpful staff to fill in a lot of blanks and interesting information.
          This collection here they have over 300 bicycles on display dating from 1816 to present day. and have another 800 bicycles in storage. They do not have enough space to display everything here but do rotate the displays. And were told they are attending auctions purchasing more bicycles.
         And we found out this collection is owned by Crown Equipment here in New Bremen. 
1816 Draissine, foot powered (no pedals) wooden bicycle
red bike is 1869 Dexter
1888 tri cycle
1870 Ariel
1885 Rotary tricycle
1900 Pierce, drive shaft
1897 Gear to Gear
1901 Wolf American Ice Bicycle
1890 Johnson Safety
ladies bike with skirt guard
1891 cushion tire relpica 
1891 Childs bike
Schwinns family tandem
1891 skirt and chain guard
1897 wooden bicycles
me on an Elliptical trainer bicycle
me riding a big wheel
1964 custom
1936 Autocycle
Army bicycle
Bicycle feet?
1896 Quintette 
from Pee Wee's Big adventure 1985 movie

this one is very hard to ride
        Now on the third floor can test ride a few more, too much fun! 
a nice cycle
1982, 135 Miles per hours
1941 , 108 miles per hour !
1917 Harley Davidson Bicycle with sidecar
1895 Pneumatic racer
        Now left here after more than two hours of enjoying the history of these bicycles and drove some back roads thru St, Marys back to our camp at Wapakoneta.
nice murals in St. Marys.
our route today, 44 miles
        Now back home and very still very warm, over 70 f but very windy. Saw a couple from Ontario we knew (Peter and Anne from Belleville), chatted with them for a bit and another couple (Bev and I from Brantford) chatted with them too. Even the people next to us from Mount Forest Ontario, such a small world, everybody heading back home after a great winter down south.
        Wanna do supper on our Weber Q 100 agaoin tonight biut its kinda windy. So I improvise, tilt the picnic table for a windshield and fired up our Weber.
wind break worked great
        Tonight we are gonna try some potatoes in foil with bacon and Ranch Salad Dressing mix (Thanks to Barb's posting on facebook). and grill some chicken thighs.
wonderful potatoes
added some brocoli, garlic bread w/cheese
 and had a great supper again.
         So there a long posting and way too many pictures ut thats what we did.
         This Museum is a fun and interesting visit for anyone, well worth the stop. 
         Glad you stopped by for a peak and hope you come back again soon.
Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
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  1. Loved the bike pics. What an interesting place.
    Why didn't we see Susie riding?

    1. She's chicken. haha, so took my pictures instead

  2. I don't see how some of those bikes are ever ridden I would break my neck. I used to have a bike with a banana seat, loved it.
    Those potatoes looked yummy.

    1. Some of those bikes were hard to ride. especially the Big wheel ones and actually very dangerous.

  3. Wow...what a collection of bikes, amazing!

  4. Sounds like Ohio is having pretty nice weather. Enjoy it while you can! The bicycle museum at $2 is one heck of a good deal. You don't find many at that price.

    1. Excellent price and is just actually a donation that goes to the actual town of New Bremen.

  5. Oh no...not too many pictures. I enjoyed them all. We love museums like that! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I would really have loved to seen that museum myself !!

    Some really interesting concepts from the past years.

    Ha ha, great idea to use the picnic table as a windbreak.

    Take care ... TnT

    1. The concepts were pretty amazing, for sure.

  7. Boy what a ride - on a bicycle! I'd love to see that place. That car bicycle is that the solution for a future energy crisis? I kinda can see us going snowbirding pulling a tiny little camper behind. No fuel costs!

    1. The car bicycle would be great, not sure about the mountains thou?

  8. What a cool place. Love the photo of the bike feet. I wonder how smooth the ride was on that wooden bike. Thanks for sharing.

    1. In 1816 I don't think they had too many smooth roads to ride that wooden bike on.

  9. For the money, it was one of the best museums we've seen. I think we have some of the same pictures on our blog.
    We liked the old wooden bikes the best.

  10. I have never realized there were so many bicycle designs. Cool!


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